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Olorunseun O. Ogunwobi, MD, PhD, MS-CTS

Dr. Olorunseun Ogunwobi is a translational cancer biologist who research focuses on cancer health disparities, non-coding RNA biology in cancer, PVT1 biology, and cancer epitranscriptomics.




The goal of the Ogunwobi laboratory is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of progression of solid organ cancers with known disparities in incidence, prevalence, or outcomes. Ongoing studies include examination of the role and molecular mechanisms of circulating tumor cells, oxytocin and the oxytocin receptor, and non-coding RNAs derived from the Plasmacytoma Variant Translocation 1 (PVT1) gene locus. A new area of interest in the Ogunwobi laboratory is epitranscriptomics, and utilization of 3'UTR engineering to target oncogenic transcripts.


Please click here to view Dr. Ogunwobi's CV (PDF).


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