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For all campuses, please contact Public Safety: (212) 772-4444


Community Commitment

We all play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our students. We strongly encourage you to utilize our referral service to support the effective functioning of the academic and work environment, and to promote our students' wellbeing.

Faculty, staff, and students should report any student behavior that they believe may represent a danger to self or to others, to the Behavioral Response Team.

The BRT receives information from across campuses and from a variety of sources. Some behaviors might not trigger serious concerns in isolation but may raise concerns if combined with reports from other sources. While some incidents may seem minor, they may be one of several incidents of which the BRT has become aware, thereby alerting the Team to a pattern undetectable by the individual witness.

You can submit a report by using the BRT Referral Form. You will receive a receipt, and our team will follow up with you.

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