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For all campuses, please contact Public Safety: (212) 772-4444




Hunter College is committed to the health and safety of the student body, and maintaining a productive learning and working environment. The Hunter College Behavioral Response Team is a group of professionals dedicated to providing support and assistance to students in crisis or in distress.

The BRT promotes a culture of mutual support and collaboration and is a resource for all faculty, staff, and students.

Our team is designed to:

  • Identify those students in need of assistance
  • Manage each incident effectively
  • Provide structure for an effective method of addressing student behaviors
  • Initiate appropriate intervention
  • Promote a coordinated response


Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to utilize the BRT when they observe behavior by a student that concerns them.

Examples of behavior appropriate for a BRT referral include:

  • Acts of hatred or discrimination
  • Expression of hopelessness
  • Incidents of bullying
  • Significant changes in mood, class attendance, or engagement
  • Unusual or erratic behavior in class
  • Verbal or written threats
  • Written work or communication containing troubling themes or references, such as fantasies of violence
  • Suicidal Ideation- If risk is imminent, contact Public Safety at 212.772.4444

To alert the BRT about a concern, please complete and submit the BRT Referral Form. Your submission will be reviewed by the team and, as this is a collaborative process, we will contact you to discuss the referral and may request additional information to help determine the appropriate intervention.

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