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Mission Statement

The Center for Community Planning & Development (CCPD) promotes knowledge, applied research, and innovative practice in community planning and development throughout the New York metropolitan region. It provides technical assistance and training through partnerships with community-based organizations, non-profit corporations, and local agencies. The CCPD is committed to democratic, inclusive, and participatory approaches to planning and development that foster sustainability and economic and social justice.

CCPD works with communities not just in communities, on cutting edge issues that challenge the way planning gets done. We advocate community participation in planning but recognize that there’s often too much participation and not enough democracy, and participation can mask racial and economic equalities. We are specialists in planning and zoning but we see land as a nexus for people, nature and the environment, not just something to be bought and sold. We go beyond general calls for “sustainability” and “environment” and focus on ecological systems, environmental justice, food sovereignty and global climate change. We believe housing is much more than a roof over your head; it is a home and the right to live in a healthy neighborhood and not be forced to move by public or private developers. We work in New York City and recognize that our problems cannot be resolved without thought and action at the regional, national and global levels.

CCPD is affiliated with the Hunter College Department of Urban Affairs & Planning. It is a venue for community/university partnerships where community members, students, and academics learn and benefit from each other. Center projects have addressed affordable housing, community economic development, healthy communities, workforce development, immigration and multiethnicity, environmental justice, and other issues of concern to New York communities.