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Community Planning/Zoning

Equity and environmental justice in zoning and urban planning

Community participation alone is not enough, and sometimes it is a smokescreen to mask racial and economic inequalities. Truly participatory democracy means that people have the right to participate in making decisions that affect them. Planning and zoning decisions should not be based on the commercial value of land but a full public discussion about the relationship between land, people, nature and the environment.

You'd think that 9 days after Superstorm Sandy, Staten Islanders would be gathering to discuss risk management strategies to deal with natural disasters.  Not so.  Instead, discussion centered on a new megaplan to build the world’s largest Ferris wheel on the St. George waterfront which would sit between the ferry terminal and the baseball stadium — both areas that are likely to flood with increasing frequency.  Read more..

New York City’s zoning scams. How the city’s planners misrepresent and misuse their zoning powers.

Coalition to Preserve Chinatown and the Lower East Side presents its own rezoning plan

2008 affadavit re: East Village/Lower East Side rezoning. How the city’s rezoning is racially biased. 2008 affadavit re: East Village Lower East Side rezoning

Equity and participation in bicycle planning. A year-long study by Hunter students looks at the problems and prospects of bicycle planning in New York City.

Atlantic Yards UNITY Plan, a community alternative to Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn

Stable Brooklyn, a community plan including zoning changes and safe conditions for horses and bikes

Sunset Park affidavit challenges claims that city’s rezoning understates gentrification impacts