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Banking on Vacancy (Picture the Homeless, 2011)

In 2011, Picture the Homeless (PTH), a homeless advocacy organization, and CCPD partnered to conduct the New York City Vacancy Survey - The first-ever count of vacant buildings and lots throughout the five boroughs. CCPD is currently working on developing a methodology that can be implemented annually to inventory vacant lots and buildings. In preparation for the survey, CCPD indentified 20 target areas where there are high proportions of vacant buildings and land, using existing citywide data from various city departments as well as from volunteer reports. Drawing on the organizing expertise of PTH and support from other partner community agencies, the two organizations have mobilized volunteers to conduct a block-by-block and door-to-door survey to verify and correct this data. Later on in the year, the results of the survey will be presented to community-based organizations and city officials as a way of launching discussions about community-based planning and citywide strategies for addressing housing issues.