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Sustainability & Ecology

PlaNYC2030 was announced on Earth Day in 2007, an environmental and development plan which was presented as a bold and comprehensive strategy to address the challenges of population growth, aging infrastructure, and the environment. The plan set forth ten broad goals and 127 different initiatives to address issues affecting land, water, transportation, energy, air, and climate change.

To continue a dialogue between communities and the city as it implements the plan, CCPD strives to identify gaps between stated goals and practices of city agencies and point out ways to improve the plan.  Many of CCPD's articles on the PlaNYC's progress originally appeared online through Sustainabilty Watch and

Addressing long-term environmental and public health challenges with equity and justice. We must go beyond general calls for “sustainability” and “environment” and focus on ecological systems, environmental justice, food sovereignty and global climate change.

-          New York City’s PlaNYC2030.  The pros and cons of the city’s long-term sustainability plan, first introduced in 2007.

-          Atlantic Yards environmental review. CCPD worked with neighborhood groups to uncover the flaws in the process, errors and omissions

-          Equity and participation in bicycle planning. A year-long study by Hunter students looks at the problems and prospects of bicycle planning in New York City.

-          Sustainable Yards – neglected open space provides opportunity for a sustainable city

-          Race, place and waste in New York City. Overview of community planning and environmental justice.