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Marketing 101 (BCMAR101)

Class Description
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of marketing including the various marketing channels, tools, concepts and terms and how each plays a critical role in marketing a product or service.

Social Media for Business (MCSOCMED)

Class Description
This course focuses on the use and importance of social media for business, including learning about the tools used to promote, strengthen, target and service consumers. Students gain an understanding of how to launch and monitor a business’ social presence via Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Note: Not available this semester

Digital Marketing (DIGMARK)

Class Description
In this class, students will create their own digital marketing plan and learn how to build and deliver marketing initiatives to boost any business product or service. This course covers tools and techniques such as web, email, video, mobile and social media marketing and advertising including current strategies for large and small companies.

Web and Email Communication for Marketing (MCEMAIL)

Class Description
Learn the essentials and best practices for web and email communication

Creating Content for Marketing & Advertising (MCCMAAD)

Class Description
Learn how to develop content for traditional and digital marketing channels for a real-life project. Using the project as a center point, this class delves into the specifics of content creation for print, email and social media campaigns.

Brand Management (MCBRANDI)

Class Description
Why do some brands have such loyal followers? Why do some brands fade away quickly? How does branding influence consumer behavior? How does one develop a strong brand? At the conclusion of this course, the successful student will be able to define the main concepts and explain the purpose of branding, describe the process and methods of brand management, including how to establish brand identity, build brand equity and formulate an effective brand strategy.

Note: Not available this semester


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