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Combined Certificate in Graphic Design and Web Programming


Visual Design for Everyone (GDVIDEEV)

This introductory course teaches the basics of visual communication and design. Become an effective designer through concept development, project planning and production, and development of critical skills. You will learn how to integrate the elements of visual design (format, line, shape, value and type) with the principles of visual design (proximity, contrast, balance, symmetry, alignment, repetition and unity). The course will also examine aesthetic and conceptual topics, like color theory, value, texture, pattern, icons, symbolism, perspective, overall look-and-feel, and the concept of “gestalt”—unified and consistent design.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe InDesign I (GDADOIN1)

In this course, students will learn to set up documents, work with text and type styles, add color, work with tables, use transparency and other effects, and bring in graphics to their InDesign projects.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe InDesign II (ADOIN2)

Take it to the next level by using advanced techniques to create Paragraph Styles, Character Styles, Object Styles and Table Styles. Topics include: creating lists, Nested Paragraph Styles, using Find/Change, creating a TOC and an Index. This course also covers the secrets of good Typography Kerning, Tracking, Justification, Special Characters and White Space.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Photoshop I (GDADOPH1)

This course is for both beginners and those with some background in Photoshop (with an emphasis on graphic design rather than programming). Prerequisite: Windows experience

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Photoshop II (ADOPH2)

In Photoshop II, students will continue the use of layers in greater depth and use Adobe Bridge to organize, sort and add Photoshop Metadata to files. We will cover the use of Camera RAW both in Photoshop and through Adobe Bridge. Through the use of Channels, Quick Mask, and some new Photoshop tools, students will learn advanced techniques, learn some not-so-widely-known new Photoshop features, and see how Photoshop integrates with InDesign and Illustrator.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Illustrator I (GDADOILL)

Adobe Illustrator is an essential tool for anyone who needs to express ideas visually in print, on the Web and via any other medium. With 3D features, advanced typographical controls, smooth Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) integration, enhanced printing options and faster performance, Illustrator helps you explore your creative vision and efficiently publish your artwork anywhere.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Illustrator II (ADOIL2)

In this course, we will explore the advanced features of Adobe Illustrator, such as Live Trace and Transparency Marks, for a greater knowledge of Illustrator. Students will utilize Illustrator’s built-in color wheel, learn how to use Adobe Labs and discover Kuler to import custom color groups and 3D graphics that are LIVE! A deeper look into Illustrator’s text capabilities, Custom Brushes, the creation of Press Ready PDF files and saving for the Web will also be covered.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite


Hypertext Markup Language is the core of most websites. In order to grasp the concept and syntax of other languages (like CSS, Javascript, XML, and PHP), knowledge of HTML is required. In this course, learn the structure upon which nearly every other language rests. CSS and HTML 5 will also be taught. Please bring your own laptop to each class.

Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver (GDINTDRE)

Receive a comprehensive introduction to creating websites using Dreamweaver 8. In this class, students learn to use templates, library items and snippets, as well as master the Dreamweaver behaviors that insert client-side JavaScript on their site.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Intermediate CSS (WPCSSI)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a coding language flush with elegance and grace. Used in tandem with HTML, it is the spice of a website. Through 12 hours of learning intermediate CSS techniques, students strengthen their knowledge of prior CSS techniques while gaining advanced coding techniques.

Advanced CSS (WPCSSA)

In this advanced CSS 3 class, students spend 12 hours learning advanced CSS techniques and tools to be on the cutting edge of styling with CSS.

Typography (GDTYPOGR)

This course introduces students to the history of typography and its use. Learn how to utilize the basics of typography for enhancing projects, and improve skills in font selection, size of type, spacing, color, tracking, kerning, etc.  Class projects include logo design, posters, ads, packaging and direct-mail. Prerequisites: Must have a good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Producing Video for Digital Publication (GDVID)

This class focuses on the basics of shooting, editing and publishing video to YouTube, Vimeo or as part of a Digital Publication using InDesign. Learn how to shoot video using phones or digital cameras. No professional equipment is needed. We will cover the basics of editing using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects (which are part of Adobe CC). Inexpensive equipment for audio will be covered.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Graphic Design: Making a Professional Portfolio (GDMAPRPO)

This course focuses on the art of design and teaches students how to organize and complete a portfolio to represent their personality and design capabilities.  Learn elements of concepts, design, shapes, colors, typography, proportions, and how to choose colors and shapes to enhance projects. Projects consist of brochures, newsletters, advertising inserts, direct mail and CD covers. Prerequisites: Must have a good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite

Structured Query Language (STRQUE)

Intended for database application programmers, this class offers an introduction to SQL, the standard programming language for creating relational databases and manipulating their data. Students learn the relational model and commands for creating, updating, and deleting tables, views, indexes and rows as well as for finding information in the database. The class includes a brief introduction to transactions and commands to manage system privileges. Throughout the course, programming exercises using the MySQL database management system allow students to gain experience with SQL.

Programming with Java (PRJAVA)

This introductory course teaches students how to build Java programs to access and manipulate data. Students will become familiar with the concepts of objects and classes, inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. Learn the skills required to write code, build applications and use GUI components.  Prerequisites: Knowledge of HTML, Intermediate and Advanced CSS.


This course introduces students to the PHP language and shows how it is interfaced with Apache server and MySQL and Postgres databases.

JavaScript (WPJASCR)

This course teaches students about the client-based scripting language that powers many websites into motion. Students learn the syntax that makes it tick and the features that augment websites with dynamism. Prerequisites: HTML and CSS. If you didn’t take the prerequisite classes at Hunter, you will need to take a test. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Introduction to Python and Data Science (INPYTHON)

Learn the basics with hands-on practice of the python programming environment, including how to download and install python and fundamental python programming techniques. An introduction to data manipulation will make it easier to read and analyze data to predict trends or how stocks might perform in the near future. Learn to clean data using Python from sources like Excel or databases, manipulate it, and run basic statistical analyses.


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