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What Should I Study in College?

Do you know what you want to study in college? There are several factors that students should consider when deciding what major to pursue. Students should ask themselves these questions: Why should I study X career? Is it the right choice for me? Is this a good career to choose? Is this something that I will enjoy? These are important questions to ask as you decide what major you'd like to pursue. Whether it's engineering, pre-med, pre-law or art... Find out what will intrigue you so you are on the right track. With our intro courses you can get a head start on your studies. By knowing what you want to pursue, you can start preparing for college and filling out the application for the right program. The program welcomes both domestic and international students with diverse backgrounds and experiences to share a common interest in exploring creative fields in a vibrant online College setting.


Class series not offered in Fall 2022.


Cloud Computing Specialist

A cloud computing specialist helps companies migrate their information and services into the cloud. Learn about system architecture components, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, CaaS, FaaS, containerization and virtualization software. Cover Cloud Concepts, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, & Google Cloud Platform.

Computer and Information Research Scientists

Explore the elements of computer research scientist that include Analytical skills, Communication skills, Critical-thinking skills, Detail oriented, Ingenuity, Logical thinking, and Math skills.

Computer Programmers

Explore fundamentals of object-oriented programming and concepts in software development, including classes, inheritance, control structures, and data structures.

Multimedia Artists and Animators

Multimedia artists and animators turn ideas and sketches into heroes, villains, and monsters for shows, movies, and video games.  Learn about the tools for developing special effects, animation, or other visual images using film, video, computers, or other software tools. 

Software Developers Applications

Learn about design of new apps, databases, or games- or create the operating system that runs a phone, or a computer.  Developers start by researching what users' needs are, then design and test software to meet those needs.  Learn about software and programming languages software developers use.

Video Game Designers

Explore core features of video games such as role-play mechanics, story lines, character development, props, graphics and animation.  Coming up with new and appealing game ideas, experimenting with themes and genres and developing user interface (menus and controls) concepts.  Prepare two-dimensional concept layouts or three-dimensional mock-ups. Game designers can expect to manage teams of programmers, artists, animators and sound engineers.

Web Developer

If you like to think creatively while working with very structured information web development allows you to learn both design and technical skills.  Define a website’s purpose, audience, the needs, design, create, modify web sites and integrate sites with other computer applications. Create the basic framework of the site, create the site’s layout and integrate graphics. Explore most popular programming languages and tools used today.
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