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Introduction to PC/MAC Troubleshooting  (INTPCMAC) 

Working remotely requires being more resourceful, especially if you do not have the tools and computer skills needed to perform your daily tasks. Doing your work from home sometimes requires diagnosing and troubleshooting common computer problems. In this class, you will learn about:

  • Routers: how do I know if I set this up correctly?
  • Malware and Viruses: how can I protect my computer against spam emails or attacks when I am browsing the internet?
  • Internet Connection: how do I know if my internet connection is good enough so I won’t have problems with ZOOM meetings or with any other software that I use in my work? How do I check the speed of my connection?
  • What to do if my Wi-Fi signal is weak.
  • Note: Not available this semester

Intro to Cybersecurity (INTCYBE)

Learn about Cybersecurity technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect Internet-connected systems, networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, theft, damage, modification or unauthorized access. Cyber security goals, types of cyber-attacks, types of cyber attackers, technology, e-commerce, policies, digital signature, cyber security tools, security risk analysis, and challenges. Explore cybersecurity jobs, industries, and exams required.

Note: Not available this semester

Cybersecurity Device End-Point Protection, Privacy, and Anonymity (CYDEPRI)

Learn practical skills in securing laptops, desktops and mobile devices from all types of threats, including, hackers, trackers, and exploit kits. Covering platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.  Cover solid disk encryption technologies to protect devices from disk decryption attacks. Understand anti-virus and malware solutions. Learn how to detect and monitor for threats such as malware and hackers through the use of security through deception and detection technologies. Explore the best techniques in anti-forensics to securely delete data and meta-data so that it is unrecoverable.  Secure email and messenger and how to overcome those weaknesses and fully secure your communication.

Note: Not available this semester

Docker-Certified-Associate (DOCEASS)

Docker is a tool for running and managing containers. Docker is the industry-leading container runtime platform and offers container management and orchestration.  This course prepares students to pass the Docker Certified Associate certification exam offered by Docker. We will cover the concepts, objectives needed to use Docker effectively, how to leverage core features contained within Docker Community Edition (DCE), and Docker Enterprise Edition (DEE).

Note: Not available this semester

Kubernetes and Cloud Microservices 101 (KUCLMIR)

Master the fundamentals of Kubernetes, and start deploying and managing an app on a real Kubernetes cluster. You will learn the theory and deployment of an app, scale the app, connect to it from the internet, do a zero-downtime rolling update, and perform a versioned rollback.

Note: Not available this semester


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