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Credits & Transcripts

The Capstone Year Program at The Chinese Flagship Overseas Capstone Program in Taiwan is designed so students who complete all aspects of the program will earn 24 credits. The credits are broken down as follows:

First Semester:

  • Course 1: Intercultural Communications in Great China -- 3 credits
  • Course 2: Chinese for Professional Purposes -- 3 credits
  • Course 3: NCCU Direct Enrollment Class -- 3 credits
  • Course 4: Domain Research Independent Project in Chinese -- 3 credits

Second Semester:

  • In-Service Internship -- 6 credits
  • Media in Contemporary Chinese Societies -- 3 credits
  • Social and Political Affairs Studies in Chinese -- 3 credits

PLEASE NOTE: A student may not need all 24 credits in order to graduate. In this instance, the student can choose to only transfer the fall semester credits to their home institution. The student is required to take 12 credits in the spring semester, but they don't have to transfer over the credits if they are unnecessary.

Students who want to find out if Capstone Year classes will affect their GPA or if their home university offers a pass/fail option for study abroad credits should speak with their home university’s Chinese Flagship program coordinator and/or study abroad office. (Pass/fail is not an option for Hunter College Flagship students.)


Transcripts for the Chinese Flagship Overseas Capstone Program in Taiwan can be issued in two ways.

If a student’s home university will accept a transcript from a foreign university, the student can receive a transcript directly from NCCU.

If a student’s home university requires a transcript from a U.S. institution, Hunter College will process the NYCU transcript and issue one from Hunter College. Students who have a transcript receipt deadline in order to graduate by a certain time should note: that it may take Hunter College as long as three months to process the NYCU transcript.

PLEASE NOTE: Different universities have different rules about which transcripts they will accept and how credits and grades affect GPA. International institutions are accepted at most American universities, but only if they meet strict accreditation standards. Students should speak to their home school’s Flagship program coordinator and/or study abroad office to find out their institution’s rules.