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Tutoring Support

Tutoring support is an important feature of the Taiwan Capstone Year where students can make important linguistic breakthroughs in this highly individualized instructional format. Among other things, students can learn four-character idioms, discover the appropriate way to draft a research paper, and ask questions about the topics most important to them. There will be weekly one-on-one tutoring, which will be scheduled with tutors.




For general language tutoring, students can choose which linguistic areas they want to focus on. During the language practicum weeks, students will receive tutoring to practice language, with a focus on superior-level tasks. To give Capstone students the support they need to build academic and professional-level proficiency, they will receive tutoring in their domain. Tutors will help students read and comprehend their direct enrollment class materials and acquire domain terminologies. The goal is to help students dive more deeply into their domain studies and be successful in their direct enrollment classes. During the semester of the internship period, students who will be interning at a provider related to their major domain may request to receive tutoring in order to be best prepared linguistically and culturally for the professional environment of their internships.