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Spring CN Application

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Thank you for your interest in our College Now program for Spring 2022! Below are the steps you have to complete in order to apply. Each step MUST be completed at the time of submitting your application packet. Skipping any of the steps below will result in a delay in your application process. The priority deadline for Spring applications is Friday, December 10, 2021. 

Applications must be submitted electronically by the deadline. Applications that are submitted electronically and are complete with transcripts, PSATs, and/or SATs along with recommendation letters (in lieu of standardized test scores, if you have not taken them) and parent consent form (for in person and hybrid courses) by the above deadline will have the best chances of being admitted. Applications received after this date will be considered late and will be processed on a space availability basis. To ensure that your application is processed seamlessly, please send all supporting documents together (either emailed or uploaded to your online application).


Step #1: Click this link to access our information for Spring 2022 College Now program. The topics include:

  • College Now Program Overview
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Course Descriptions
  • Application Timeline
  • Program Policies
  • Link to Parent Consent Form
  •  Access our online Spring 2022 application.

Step #2: Go through the checklist below to make sure you didn't miss anything. All steps MUST be followed in order to guarantee that your application is complete.

  1. Read all the information pages with details about our classes, schedule, eligibility, and timeline.
  2. Fill out the application online.
  3. Your updated high school transcript (Skedula/Pupil Path will be accepted in the interim), PSAT/SAT scores, parent consent form (for in person courses and hybrid) and any recommendation letter(s) must be submitted with your online application. Remember, these documents must be submitted electronically by December 10th.  You can upload all three documents to your online application. Alternatively, you can also email your supporting documents. Our contact details are below:


    Staff Emails and Google Voice Numbers:

  • Coordinator - Erlyn Mendez: | (212) 772-4486 or (917) 633-7189
  • Assistant Coordinator - Omyra Gonzalez: | (212) 772-4323 or (551) 333-3047
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