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Student Ambassadors


College Now Student Ambassador Program

We feel the best way to strengthen relationships with our partner schools, to recruit a diverse and prepared group of participants and to be assured of the quality of our program is through the students themselves.  We have developed this ambassador program to increase the number of applicants from partner schools, to reward successful College Now students by making them good examples and leaders for their peers, and to learn how College Now can best fit the needs of our NYC public high school students. Each ambassador will strategize with their high school counselor to come up with the best way in which to recruit students to College Now from their school. 

This is an opportunity for our College Now students to act as a link to the high schools we work with.  This will include many responsibilities, including being partially accountable for the next group of incoming College Now students.


  • We encourage ambassadors to work out the best strategy for their school.  This could include posting fliers, putting ads in school newsletters, etc.  We do think that hosting at least one recruiting session is a great idea for every school in at least some capacity.
  • Each ambassador will attend at least one meeting with their advisor and a College Now representative to plan a recruiting session for their junior and senior peers.  This could mean many different things—speaking to all juniors and seniors in a big assembly hall; speaking only to those students who qualify; speaking to small advisory groups or classes; or anything else creative ambassadors can construct.
  • The issues the ambassador may address could include: the application process, including scores and waiver classes, resources available at Hunter, personal experience from their semester, etc.
  • The ambassador will be available to answer questions about College Now after the presentations as well as during the school day. Students may also use their Hunter email address as a way for their peers to email them questions about their experience with College Now.
  • Ambassadors will help their advisor at the high school remind fellow College Now students about schedule changes, events, and important drop and withdraw dates. This can be done in a variety of ways, i.e. lunch pizza parties (paid for by College Now), mass emails, school announcements, etc.
  • The ambassador will attend at least one gathering with College Now representatives to provide opinions and feedback to help improve the College Now program for semesters to come.


  • Ambassadors will develop excellent resume qualities, such as responsibility, maturity and professionalism.
  • Ambassadors will build a stronger bond with their college advisor after working with them on the College Now recruitment strategies at their high school.
  • Ambassadors will get a unique and advantageous perspective of the college admissions and recruiting process.
  • Ambassadors will learn leadership skills by hosting recruiting sessions for their peers.
  • Ambassadors will be able to improve confidence in speaking and presentation skills.
  • Ambassadors will receive Hunter logo paraphernalia and will be eligible for a free Hunter book voucher from the Hunter Bookstore if they matriculate as Hunter undergraduate students.


  • The advisor will provide support for the ambassador by helping them plan a recruiting session, especially by working with other teachers and administrators.
  • The advisor will be present at your high school's planning meeting with the College Now representative during the recruiting session hosted by the student.


  • College Now will give materials to the student ambassador, including making as many copies of brochures and fliers as the student sees fit.
  • College Now will inform the ambassador about details of the application process, basic facts about Hunter College and other topics he or she will be presenting.
  • College Now will be present at the student’s recruitment session (at the student's request) to help with anything else the student may need.


  • 1or 2 juniors or seniors who have taken and passed, or are currently taking a College Now class.
  • Mature, outgoing, well-respected students on their high school campuses.
  • Approved by their high school College now liaisons whom they will have to work with throughout the school year.

If you attend one of our partner high schools and would like more information on how you can be a part of our Student Ambassador Program, please email Erlyn Mendez at or call him at 212-772-4486 for more information.

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