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Announcing your 2014-2015 Assessment Fellows!
The newly rekindled Assessment Advisory Board, a chair-nominated group of faculty from each discipline and school within Hunter, has selected the first round of Assessment Fellows. These fellows will receive support for professional development activities and, in return, serve as mentors to other faculty in the area of assessment. We are very excited to celebrate this new cohort of excellent faculty, and look forward to hearing from them throughout the year!
Jochen Albrecht, Geography

A "recent convert" to structured continuing assessment, Jochen is now working on expanding our understanding of student learning in both multi-section undergraduate and advanced graduate courses.

Bryan Dowling, Psychology

Relying on his dual roles as teacher and assessment liaison, Bryan has been working with other faculty since 2008 and looks forward to continuing to demonstrate the value of assessment to pedagogy and curriculum design.

Tim Farnsworth, Curriculum and Teaching

Tim has focused on designing and evaluating language proficiency assessments throughout his career and anticipates exploring how these might apply in various contexts across the College.

Scott Gentile, Math and Statistics

Scott's expertise in the teaching, assessment, and coordination of gateway and general education courses will provide the foundation for exploring this type of learning at the program and College levels.

Wendy Hayden, English

As the writing course assessment coordinator and composition specialist, Wendy looks forward to continuing to develop new methods and tools and mentoring other faculty on the assessment of writing.

John Pell, Social Work and Public Health Libraries

John's role in the Hunter College Libraries on multiple campuses will allow him to explore ways to assess information literacy and student research skills within a variety of subjects, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Lindsay Portnoy, Educational Foundations

Lindsay's expertise in teaching assessment to teacher candidates has lent her a distinct ability to work with other faculty across disciplines, building partnerships focused on using formative assessment and feedback to gauge student learning and close the loop.

Congratulations all of you! And thank you for your continuing committment to Hunter and its students!

The Office of Assessment works with faculty and staff across the College to help them explore student learning and success in their courses, departments, programs, and offices.

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