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Fond Farewells
We're getting closer to wrapping up the semester, but before you let your students fly off into the wilds of summer, make sure to find out what they really learned!
Wrapping Up

It is the time to start thinking about how you will wrap up your courses! The final class is an opportunity to end the semester on a positive note and to help students synthesize what they’ve learned. Consider wrapping up by summarizing the course material, asking students to reflect on their new knowledge, offering and receiving useful feedback about the course, providing students with an opportunity for closure, and helping students feel a sense of achievement and culmination.

Check out how Linta Varghese in Asian American Studies uses Padlet to create a "Wisdom Wall" for student reflection!

Or do a think/pair/share using this prompt: "You’ve got an interview for your dream job. The interviewer, who may become your boss, is looking at your transcript and says, ‘Oh, I see you took INSERT COURSE NAME. Tell me what you learned in that course.’"

To Everything, There is a Season

For Nikki and Meredith, it is the season of graduation and career change. We have loved working with so many of you and serving Hunter in developing a truly sustainable assessment culture. Warm wishes from us both.

Programming and Resources

We hope you enjoyed our programming:

  • Easy Assessment Makeover on Sep. 30
  • Love Your Learning Outcomes on Oct. 14
  • Refine your Assignments to Explore Student Learning on Oct. 28 and Mar. 23
  • Assess Anything you Like with Rubrics on Nov. 11 and Feb. 24
  • Stay on Track by Defining your Goals on Nov. 25
  • Ask the Students! Design a Small-Scale Survey on Dec. 9
  • Assess your Program: Find out What your Majors are Really Learning, Mar. 9
  • Learning Outcomes Mini Boot Camp, Apr. 6
  • Annual Assessment Day, Apr. 20

We are always happy to have feedback. If you attended any of our events this year, please send your thoughts our way!

We also have a nice set of resources up on our website including an archive of quick tips, a library of sample assignments, a guide for making over your syllabus, as well as guides for departments including a department assessment plan guide and a curriculum committee guide.

The Office of Assessment works with faculty and staff across the College to help them explore student learning and success in their courses, departments, programs, and offices.

Visit us online, by phone at x6299, by email, or drop by 1008 East Bldg.

Assessment Cycle

Newsletter No. 11, May 2016