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HunterCAN Group

HunterCAN Group
Phone: 212 481 4464


Hunter CAN Group

Hunter CAN Group

(Hunter College Autism & Neurdivergent Group) 

Some college students do very well with regular academic work, but, they may experience challenges in collaborative exchanges that come with college life. Interactions like socialization, keeping to schedules, and recognizing the subtleties of communication and conversation can be difficult to achieve. If you would like to improve how you relate to peers, faculty and others in your higher education sphere, the Hunter CAN Group is designed to help Hunter College students focus on pragmatic issues that other people take for granted.

What is the mission of the Hunter CAN Group?

Hunter CAN Group is an 8-week program of a small group of college students who self-identify as having challenges with socialization and communication that comes with college life. Our mission:

As higher education requires self-advocacy, time management and context-based social skills, the Hunter College Center for Communication Disorders (HCCCD) offers a group program for the Hunter College student who identifies as being neurodivergent (e.g., Asperger’s syndrome, autism, and other social-learning differences).

This communication-based group is run by the HCCCD focusing on issues related to interactions in a higher education setting.

We seek to, provide strategies to expand social communication of self-identified individuals wanting to improve interactions with:

  • Peers
  • Faculty
  • Administratorss and staff
  • General public

The 8-week Hunter CAN Group is kept small (5-8 people) to facilitate participants’ growth. This is not a counseling group!  It is about self-motivation and self-improvement.

The group is run by graduate students enrolled in the Hunter College Speech-Language & Audiology Department master’s degree program. The meetings have specific goals to help group members recognize social/communication challenges and tackle them.

The first couple of weeks the group allows for identification of challenges. The following weeks the group addresses implementing and meeting each individual’s goals of perspective taking, communication and pragmatic skills.

Start date/time: Octber 3, 2023 at 5 pm and meets every week at the same time for 8 weeks.
Each meeting is 90 minutes long.
If interested in joining, please email


Hunter CAN Group FAQs

Who can join?

Any full time or part time Hunter College student, undergrad or grad, who self-identifies as having challenges with socialization/pragmatics and communication that often come with college life.

How often does Hunter CAN Group meet?
Hunter CAN Group is an 8-week program; it meets once a week via Zoom.

When are meetings?
Each 90-minute meeting starts promptly at 5 p.m. on Thursdays
First meeting:  Thursday, September 29, 2022

How big is Hunter CAN Group?
It’s a small (5-8 persons) group of Hunter College students.

Is my privacy safeguarded?
Privacy is respected and required of all parties involved: group members, clinicians and clinical educators alike. The Hunter CAN Group and its activities are conducted in a friendly safe environment, without judgments or bullying.

Where does Hunter CAN Group meet?
Hunter CAN Group meets remotely via Zoom platform.

What goes on at the meetings?
Each meeting is designed to help participants’ progress but also share their growth and experiences.

Must I attend every meeting?
You are committing to an 8-week program. In order to obtain maximum benefit, you must attend each meeting.

What is the cost?
Hunter CAN Group is free to Hunter College students.

How do I join?
Contact us at:

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