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Friday 25th May (3:00 PM -9:00 PM)


3:00     Registration Opens


4:30     Welcome & Introductions: Conference Officially Begins


4:45     Presentation by Recipient of Senior Scholars Award:

            Scot Danforth & Susan Gabel


5:30     Light Dinner


6:30     Film Screening: Wretches & Jabberers (1 hr 30 mins)



9:00     Closure



Saturday 26th May (9:00 AM - 8:00 PM)


9:00     Continental Breakfast


10:00   Concurrent Sessions 1



Shifting Tides, Services Denied


Algorithms of Access: Immigrant Mothers in Pursuit of Service Provision

Gay Wilgus & Linda Ware


Cutting Costs in The UK: Facing Problems without Funding

Sally Tomlinson



Panel: New Teachers' Knowledge of Special Education Law Beyond Teacher Preparation Programs.

Michelle L. Damiani, Casey L. Reutemann, Carrie E. Rood, & Chelsea P. Tracy-Bronson.



Panel: Building Alliances across Bilingual & Inclusive Educational Settings:

Opportunities and Challenges of Public/Private School Collaborations

Tamara Brown, Tatyana Kleyn, & Jossie O'Neill



Panel: Issues in Higher Education for Students with Disabilities


Strategies to Help Facilitate High School to College Transition Using Effective Support

Laura M. Laria


Requesting Reasonable Accommodations:  Perspectives of Undergraduate Students with Learning Differences

Caryn Giananti


Inclusion in Higher Education: the Status Quo of Accessibility in Universities in China

Yue Wu


Experiences of College Students with Physical Disabilities: Advocacy, Accommodations and Awareness

April Coughlin



Roundtables & Posters (simultaneous in same large room)


Is Education Truly Preparing for the Life Beyond? Nurses, Midwives, Engineers and Teachers Labeled with a Disability Create Confusion in Higher Education.(Round Table)

Katrien De Munck


Dangerous Intersections: Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and the Criminal Justice System (Poster)

William Garnett


Connecting Special Education and Disability Studies Through Self-Determination.(Round Table)

Stelios Gragoudas


Setting Standards, Limiting Scope: Parental Response to Disability in Special Education Textbooks. (Round Table)

Christine Hancock


Schooling, Socializing and Someone's Future, but Whose?

Lisa Johnson (Round Table)


Revealing Competences of Children with Autism Interacting with Electronic Toys (Poster)

Keonhee Kim, Hyoshin Lee, & Chanwoong Park


The One-Two Punch of Special Education Discourse and Audit Culture (Round Table)

Sarah L. Schlessinger



Introduction to Disability Studies in Education (DSE)

Susan Baglieri & Alicia Broderick.


11:15   Break


11:30   Concurrent Sessions 2



Respectfully Engaging Families


Toward Emancipatory Parent Engagement in the Context of Home-School Relations

Keith W. Allred & Christine Hancock


Facilitating Equilateral Contributions: Parent and Educators' Perceptions of the IEP Meeting

Amy Petersen and Susie Lund


A Mother Only Needs One Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Five (1255) Words

Geert VanHove



Professional Development Issues for In-Service Educators Approaches to Teacher Development


Applying a Critical Disability Studies Lens to Professional Development in Inclusive School Reform: Stories from the Field

Meghan Cosier


Co-Teaching Models for Pre-Service Teacher Education: Reframing the Ability in Disability

Catherine Howerter & Teri Marx


Myths and Misconceptions of Autism: What Every Teacher Needs to Learn, Relearn, and Unlearn

Hyun Uk Kim



Panel: Kids In The Middle: The Micropolitics of Special Education

Carol Strax, Marshall Strax, Bruce Cooper, & Thomas Strax



Panel: The American Dream: Destination Employment 

Carole R. Gothelf, Katerina Chatzistyli, & Matthew Weiler



Accounting for Disability: Statistics and Identity


Rejecting Analytic Statistics in (dis)ability Studies in Education

Phil Smith & Kimberly Millstead


Students Through the Lens of 'Disability Identity,' At The University and Beyond

Meggie Verstichele and Leen Thienpondt


Social Class, Disability and College Students: A Quantitative Framework for New York City

Ashleigh Thompson



Panel: Connecting Graduate Disability Studies to Professional Practice: Lessons Learned.

Mariette Bates, Allison Downer, Cris Marchionne, & Chancey Fleet.


12:45   Lunch


2:00     Concurrent Sessions 3



Everyday Life at Home and In School


Narrative Interview of a Mother in Transition: The Journey from Crisis to Resilience

Robin Dodds


Embracing Inclusion Lessons Learned by a Parent and Teacher

Diane Linder Berman



Panel: Disability Studies in Education "At Work"


How Applicable are the Ideas of Disability Studies in Education to Educational Policy and the Practice of Teaching?

David J. Connor & Chris Hale


Using DSE to 'Notice, Recognize and Respond' to Tools of Exclusion and Opportunities for Inclusion in New Zealand

Missy Morton


Supporting Graduate Students toward "A Pedagogy of Hope": Resisting and Redefining Traditional Notions of Disability

Geert Van Hove, Elisabeth De Schauwer, Kathleen Mortier, Lien Claes, Katrien De Munck, Meggie Verstichele, Caroline Vandekinderen, Karen Leyman, & Leen Thienpondt





The Convergence of Standards Based Reform and Special Education: What Happened to Inclusion at Westvale Elementary School?

Jessica Bacon



Participation in School-Based Extracurricular Activities: Examining Barriers and Boundaries as Experienced by High School Students with Disabilities

Gibbons, Colleen & Brent McBride



Panel: Accessing Disability Studies in Higher Education: A Case Study


Janet S. Sauer, Linda Ware, Heather Albanesi, & Ida Dilwood



Disability and Societal Institutions


The Tale of a Reluctant Expert Witness Or Poking Sticks at Sleeping Dragons

Alicia Broderick


Six Degrees of Disability Violence: Hate Crimes, Ableism and Special Education

Gregg D. Beratan


Exploring Disability in the Military: Opportunities for Retention and Inclusion

Kathleen Chiarantona & Michelle Sondra Ballan



Narrative Approaches to Disability Studies in Education Research

 Kathleen Collins, Scot Danforth, & Joseph Valente

3:15     Break


3:30     Concurrent Sessions 4



Preparing Critical Teachers


Institutionalized Discourses on the Education of Students with Disabilities: Preparing Teachers for Critical Educational Practices



Special Education Law as Moral Compass: Indications for Teacher Preparation

Chris Hale



Panel: Left in the Dark-Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Meets the NYS Standards

Linda Ware, Brianna Snyder, Tori Starr, Maryanne Agius, Jessica Pasik, & Jaime Randall



Theory & Practice; Practice & Theory

Authoring our Mathematical Selves

Rachel Lambert


Understanding Mathematical Learning Disabilities Through Accessibility, Compensation and Re-mediation

Katherine Lewis


Inclusive Unit and Lesson Planning: Putting Theory into Practice

Kathryn Young & Kathleen Luttenegger


Beyond the College Walls


Studying at Ghent University and the Transition to Work: Perspectives of Students and Graduates with a Disability.

Stephanie Claus & Karen Leyman


Diversity and Inclusion: Action through Interaction. A Critical look at "Good Practices."

Ruth Cnockaert


Beyond the Classroom Walls: What Does Accessibility Mean in Hybrid and Online Learning Environments?

Allison Dickey & Valerie Owen



Working within Discourses of Disability


The Work of Special Education: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Documents Contextualizing IDEA Amendments and Reauthorizations Since 1975

Kate McLaughlin


Contextualizing Disability Within the Czech Republic: Between Invisibility and Inclusion

Lenka Slepickova & Karel Pancocha


Rethinking Functional Behavioral Analysis and Motivation: Alternatives to Commoditization

Robin Smith



Understanding LD and ADHD: The Journeyto Educational and Personal Empowerment

Members of Project Eye-to-Eye


4:45     Break & Relax


6:00     Dinner


8:00     Closure




Sunday 27th May (8:30- 4:00)


8:30     Continental Breakfast


9:00     Concurrent Sessions 5



Participation in Multiple Worlds Beyond School: Carving a Place in the World


Un/limited Dreams, Un/limited Opportunities: The Post-School World and Young Women with Intellectual Disabilities

Danielle Cowley


A Home for Jamee

Sharon M. Duncan


'Who said that?' Using Focus Groups in a Participatory Action Orientated Research Project with Young People with Intellectual Disability

Colin Gladstone



Accessing the Un/Official Curriculum


What a Difference a Label Makes: Shortchanging Students with Disabilities in an Afterschool Tutoring Program.

Erin McCloskey and Colette Cann


Using a Disability Studies Perspective to Reinforce the Links Between Assistive Technology and Literacy

Srikala Naraian& Mark Surabian


A Framework for Analyzing the Democratic Potential of K-12 Curriculum and Beyond

Rosemary Rotuno-Johnson



Navigating Postsecondary Education


Discourse and the Containment of Disability in Postsecondary Education

Susan L. Gabel & Maja Miskovic


Is It Smart to Use a Smartpen?

Janine Kane & Lynn Gallagher


Coherent Compliance in Transition Planning: Role of Information Literacy and Emerging Technologies to Sustain and Complete a Postsecondary Degree

Rosemary W. Skeele & Concetta Russo



Shaping Dis/abilities


Who Wants to be Special? Pathologization and the Preparation of Bodies for Prison

Deanna Adams


The Untouchables: Contested Space as Hegemonic School Structures that Marginalizes Students with Disabilities

Belinda Amoako.


My Journey from Teacher-Savior to Abled Teacher: A Foucauldian Analysis of Special Education

Sylvia Mac



Intersections of Race and Disability in Educational Research and Policy


Dis/ability Critical Race Studies (DisCrit): Theorizing at the Intersections of Race and Disability

David Connor & Beth Ferri


Fragmentation of Harm, Legal Compliance and Disproportionality in Special Education: "We don't have a problem"

Catherine Kramarczuk Voulgarides


The Corporatization of Education in Detroit: Implications for (Dis)ability

Phil Smith & Kimberly Millstead



10:15 Break


10:30   Concurrent Sessions 6



Inclusivity and Interdisciplinary Alliances


Critical Role of Disability Studies in Developing Teacher Competencies in Inclusive Early Childhood Classrooms

Yoon-Joo Lee & Susan L. Recchia




Building Youth Activism around Dis/ability Studies

Kylah Torre


Novice Secondary Inclusive Educators: Contextual Factors on Entering the Field

Julia M. White & Eileen T. Radigan



Negotiating College Life


Boundaries, Barriers, and Benefits in the Transition Stories of Four Successful College Students with Disabilities

McCall, Zach


Dis/abling Learning in a Community College.



Disability and Friendships: A Trajectory to Facilitate Participation in Colleges

Syed Salma Jameel



Panel: Interplay as a Key for Relational Accessibility

LudoSchoeters, Marc Callebaut, Patrick Schelfhout, Susan Gabel, Elisabeth De Schauwer & Geert VanHove.



Panel: Autism and Real Life: In the Intersections, What Can We Learn from Going Multi-locus?


A Truly Special Education: A Phenomenological Study with Adolescents and Adults with Asperger's Syndrome.

Jason C. Osmolak


What did I learn?: Using Multi-vocality to Examine the Stresses and Challenges of Raising a Child with Asperger's-Mother, Teacher, Researcher.

Linnea  L. Rademaker


Autistic and Female: They Say That's Rare, and So Many Other Things.

Elizabeth J. Grace


11:45   Break


12:00   Guest Speakers: Film Makers Susan & Allan Raymond

            Film Screening: Journey Into Dyslexia (1 hr 15 mins)

            Q & A


2:00     Brunch: The Ellen Brantlinger Junior Scholar Awards

                        Kathleen Collins & Joseph Valente


3:00     Town Hall Meeting: Planning for Next Year


4:00     Closure







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