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Hunter College, CUNY, October 17-19, 2013

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Thursday, October 17, 7:00 pm, Kossack Lecture Hall, Hunter North 1527

Keynote: Natalia Majluf, Director of the Museo de Arte de Lima
Materiality. José Gil de Castro and the Portraiture of Things

Friday, October 18, Ida K. Lang Recital Hall, Hunter North 424


Welcome remarks


Heather A. Hughes, University of Pennsylvania, Good Habits, Bad Habits: The Global Order in Robert Vaughan's Months

Mariana Françozo, Leiden University and the National Museum of Ethnology, the Netherlands, Early Modern Comparative Ethnography: The "Locke Drawings" Collection and the Representation of Indigenous Peoples in Global Perspective (c. 1680-1750)

Deborah Dorotinsky, Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, UNAM, Mexico City, It Is Written in Their Faces: Seri Women and Facial Painting in Photography

Q & A session

11:15-11:30: Coffee break


Intersections of Tradition & Modernity

Vanesa Rodríguez-Galindo, U.N.E.D., Madrid, Contemporary Customs in Late Nineteenth-Century Madrid: Points of Convergence between the Popular and the Modern in the Illustrated and Comical Press

Lynda Klich, Hunter College, CUNY, Circulating Indigenism in Mauricio Yáñez's Postcards from Mexico

Denise Birkhofer, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Enrique Díaz's Parade of Progress: Fashioning a Streamlined Mexican Future

Q & A session

1:00-3:00: Lunch


Exoticism & Empire

Matthew Keagle, Bard Graduate Center, Uniform Schemas: The Abstraction of Dress and The Unity of Uniforms

Elisabeth Fraser, University of South Florida, The Ottoman Costume Album and Inclusive Empire: Louis Dupré in Ottoman Greece

Victoria L. Rovine, University of Florida, Fashion at the Intersection of French and African Colonial Cultures

Q & A session

Saturday, October 19, 9:30 am, Ida K. Lang Recital Hall, Hunter North 424


Gender Anxieties

Ann Jones, Smith College, Merchandising Gender: Women's Dress and Women's Duties in Two Sixteenth-Century Costume Books, Jost Amman's Frauenzimmer/Gynaeceum and Cesare Vecellio's Habiti antichi et moderni (1590 and 1598)

Leyla Belkaïd, University of Lyon, A Stylistic Change and Its Pictorial Representation: The Algiers Dress in Western Imagery

Maya Jiménez, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, The Myth of the Bahiana in Nineteenth-Century Photography

Q & A session

11:00-11:30: Coffee Break


Social & Civic Life

Eugenia Paulicelli, Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY, Performing Dress: Love, Politics and "venezianità" in Giacomo Franco's Habiti d'huomini et donne venetiane

Sarah Buck, Florida State University, Les Costumes grotesques (c. 1695): Prints and Professional Habits in the ancien régime

Emily Morgan, Iowa State University, "True Types of the London Poor:"  Street Life in London's Transitional Typology

Q & A session

1:00-3:00: Lunch


Masquerade & Appropriation

Ashley Bruckbauer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Playing the Ambassador and the "Other:" Cultural Cross-dressing and French Foreign Policy in the 18th and Early-19th Centuries

Tara Zanardi, Hunter College, CUNY, The Mantón de Manila at the Crossroads of Identity  

Teresa Eckmann, University of Texas at San Antonio, Playing the Devil's Advocate with a Twist: Julio Galán and Lo mexicano

Charlene Lau, York University, Sartorial Remembrance: Bernhard Willhelm and Tirolean Folk Dress

Q & A session

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