Dr. Constantin Virgil Negoita

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This a diary, a record of thoughts and events, kept when teaching computer science for the humanities and social sciences.

My students wanted to know if computation, as a paradigm, could be useful in their branches of learning concerned with ancient Greek and Latin culture, especially history and philosophy. I was struck by their gentility, and, of course, by their interest in my stories, when trying to illustrate the theory of algorithmic and soft computing.

They believed, and probably were right, that thinking over a question long after you heard it brings out points of interest that escaped you in first instance. They asked very sophisticated questions. They asked the teacher about his own research, about his experiments, about his predictions, now, at the end of millennium, when the world was in chaos, nations worked furiously to subvert other nations, men, women, and children were confused about their place and purpose, and myriad were the double agents, impostors, and traitors who reveled in the turmoil, because even the faithful were corrupt.


  • Programmed Machines - 1
  • The Digital Level - 17
  • Knowledge Based systems - 35
  • Neural Networks - 49
  • Fuzzy Sets Theories - 67

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