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Prerequisite Materials for PGEOG 130


The brush-up materials for PEOG 130 are in two parts:


(1) The PDFs below include brush-up skills on selected topics.

Comparing and Ordering Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals
Converting Between Fractions, Decimals and Percents
Converting Units of Measurment
Numbers in Scientific Notation
Raising Positive Decimals Smaller than One to Nonnegative Integer Exponents
Solving Basic Word Problems
Solving Linear Equations
Solving Problems Involving Percents
Troubleshooting Common Errors in Algebra
Using Order of Operations
Working with Complex Fractions
Working with Integers
Working with Fractions
Working with Formulas
Working with Exponents
Working with Decimals
Working With Proportions
Working with Rational Numbers

(2) The multi-media materials in the Dolciani Math Center encompass reviews and practice problems on all of the prerequisite skills necessary to be successful in your course.


Come to the Dolciani Math Center in the 7th floor of the library, receive a brief orientation and then you are set to use these materials either in the Center or at home.


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