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Expenses, Fees and Financial Aid

Expenses vary depending on the type of study abroad program you are participating in: Hunter short term program (summer or winter), CUNY or affiliated program, or an external program. Scroll to the bottom for Financial Aid information.

Below is information for Hunter short term programs ONLY.  Other programs set their own fees and are not managed by Hunter. You will pay those programs directly.

I) Hunter faculty led summer and winter program fees:

$ 350.00 Application Fee & Deposit is the cost for applying to Hunter College's study abroad short-term programs. Applicants are encouraged to submit payment before the deadline to avoid the Late Application Fee and the Late Payment Fees.

Application Fee & Deposit

  • $ 350.00 Application Fee & Deposit is the cost for applying to Hunter College's study abroad short-term programs.

Program Fee Balance

  • Balance varies per program. Program Fee Balance is the balance due after the student has been accepted into the program.
  • Program Fees may include room & board fees, international medical insurance, trips & excursions, and some meals. Look at your chosen program description for specific details on what that particular program fee includes.
  • Some programs are open to multiple sessions for a more intensive experience, please contact us to confirm your cost adjustments.
If you have any questions about payments, refunds, or accounting, please email:


Tuition payments are made directly to the Hunter College Bursar, or to your specific CUNY college Bursar.

  • All students studying abroad through Hunter or other CUNY program must pay Hunter College tuition after they have been registered into their study abroad courses. Study abroad courses may be direct enrollment into specific Hunter College academic departments or courses offered by the Office of Education Abroad. After you have been accepted into a program wait for an invitation from us with the codes to register for your specific courses.
  • The Hunter College Bursar has an easy-to-use Tuition Calculator for student's to estimate their tuition costs based on their undergraduate/graduate class standing, NYS residency status, and whether students are matriculated or not.
  • Faculty Advisors and the Office of Education Abroad may be able to work together to ensure your ability to register for more than 6 credits during a summer session, if you are interested in an intensive opportunity abroad. Check specific program descriptions for details.


  • Additional expenses may include passport and visa application fees, textbooks, immunizations, local transportation, and course fees. These expenses are the responsibility of the student.


  • Deposits are nonrefundable after the program application deadline; should a student withdraw from a program for any reason after this deadline, the deposit will be lost. Also note that paying the program deposit authorizes the provider (whether Hunter or a third party) to incur expenses on that student's behalf; should a student withdraw from a program for any reason after paying the deposit, he or she will be responsible for any non-recoverable expenses. These expenses can include (but are not limited to) airfare, housing fees, and partial or full tuition.
  • Late Application Fee - Late applications will incur $25 late fee. Students can get an extension of up to a month for medical forms. Application Fees & Medical forms not submitted 30 days after the application deadline  will incur $25 late fee if submitted within a week.  Each additional week of delay will raise the late fee by $5. 
  • Late Payment Fee - Students are ultimately responsible for meeting the payment deadline regardless of funding source, i.e. Macaulay Opportunities Fund, loans or any type of Financial Aid. Unfortunately, we can't wait for the disbursement of these funds, which often takes place several weeks after our deadline, since we need to pay vendors abroad by their deadlines. Therefore, students should start planning for it from the time of application and be prepared to advance the necessary payment by the deadline. Late payments will incur $25 late fee if submitted within a week. Each additional week of delay will raise the late fee by $5.
  • Withdrawals - Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing (email) to the Education Abroad Office before the withdrawal will be officially recognized. Otherwise, students will be responsible for all program fees. The date on which the written notification is received is the date by which the financial calculation will be determined. If a balance is due to the Education Abroad Office or the Office of the Bursar at the time of withdrawal, that amount must be paid in a timely manner.



The number one reason students don’t study abroad during college relates to personal finances and the assumed cost associated with living in a foreign country. However, before students jump to a decision to not study abroad, they should consider the multiple financial aid opportunities that are actually available to them. With that kind of unexpected help, students may find that studying abroad is actually pretty affordable.

What kind of financial aid is available for study abroad? 

Visit the CUNY Global website for more information.

For questions regarding how your financial aid package may be applied towards your education abroad, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at Hunter College. All program descriptions contain a list of FAFSA awards that may be applied towards education abroad.


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