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Information for Parents

Our office would be happy to provide an information session specifically for parents, depending on interest. If you would be interested in attending a virtual info session, please email us to let us know!

As you consider the many options available for your student's education, study abroad has the potential to be among the most personally rewarding and eye-opening experience of their academic career.

We are here to help your students decide which program is best for their curriculum, and to help prepare them as they get ready to go. We work closely with students on all the facets of their application and serve as the primary liaison to other offices and departments at Hunter that students must seek approval from.  We also emphasize one value in particular: personal responsibility. It's our firmest belief that students who engage fully in the process, submitting application materials on time, attending advising sessions and  pre-departure sessions and meeting requirements by the deadline, will have an easier time with the transition to study abroad. 

We strongly encourage you to read through our Parent tab, which provides additional advice aimed specifically at preparing for your student's time abroad. We look forward to welcoming you and working with your student on what may be the most memorable part of their Hunter education.

Though federal laws prevent us from sharing the specifics of your student's application and educational goals, we encourage parents to fully research our programs and welcome any questions about the process. 

Here we answer the most popular ones:

You may be asking yourself, "What are the benefits to my child studying abroad?"

Studying abroad is a huge benefit for students in so many ways - it gives them independence, increases their knowledge of the world affairs, their field of study, improves their language learning, and is an investment in their professional future.

Employers look for well-rounded candidates who show adaptability, drive and independent thinking; students can demonstrate their leadership skills, independence and flexibility by going abroad and opening themselves up to other ways of living, thinking and doing.

See this link for more research on the benefits of study abroad and career.

Why would I want to send my child away from home? What can my child get abroad that they can't get in New York City?

By studying abroad, students have the opportunity to transfer what they have learned in class directly into the environment around them. They will engage with students and professors from other universities, challenging their thinking and learning intercultural skills.  Living in a truly foreign environment that will develop flexibility/adaptability, self-awareness, curiosity, and confidence that just  can't happen in the same daily environment they are used to in NYC. Not to mention the benefit of speaking a foreign language on a daily basis.

Will my child still be able to stay on track towards graduation?

Yes! Students will earn credits towards their undergraduate degree requirements. Most times, students can cover their general core requirements and, depending on the program chosen, can even take classes to count towards their major or minor. All students are required to meet with their academic advisor and submit a COURSE APPROVAL FORM with department signatures indicating the classes they will take will transfer back to Hunter.

What options are available?

So many! Probably too many!

Hunter College offers a variety of programs to choose from, with Hunter faculty, other CUNY schools CUNY Online Directory of Study Abroad Programs , SUNY Study Abroad., universities and programs around the world. See our Programs menu for a list of options.

Many students find the timing Hunter faculty led summer and winter session programs work best for their timing. Students pay tuition for the course to Hunter, and a program fee to cover accommodations, cultural activities, transportation etc. Essentially, whatever fees the faculty member finds necessary.  Accommodations may include hotels, hostels, apartments or dormitories. Students are often responsible for out of pocket expenses like airfare, meals, sometimes local transportation and activities are not included in the program fee. Please see Programs for more details.

Is it safe?

The safety of our students is a top priority to Hunter College. The most important feature the Education Abroad office here at Hunter will look for when approving a study abroad program is excellent academics and cultural integration in an environment that prioritizes student safety and success. All programs are submitted to the CUNY Office of General Counsel for approval before we can offer the opportunity to students.  They must be considered travel-safe by the Department of State and we do our best to ensure that students can live and learn in a safe environment.

All participants must sign the CUNY Waiver & Release Agreement, which details appropriate behavior and individual accountability according to a host country's laws while on the trip. This document is irreplaceable as it clarifies any question of liability issues between all participants and CUNY. All participants must be enrolled for international health insurance through the duration of travel. CUNY has an account with CISI and enrollment is managed by the Hunter Office of Education Abroad. All participants complete the Emergency Contacts Form, which allows the College to notify those listed in case it were necessary. FERPA regulations would prevent us from doing so without the Form and the participant's approval.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records. In accordance with FERPA, students 18 years of age or older have the right to their academic records and schools may not release any personal information without consent. Under FERPA, Hunter College may NOT release any of student information listed below:

  • Contact information while abroad
  • Student's program status
  • Grades and transcripts
  • Course and/ or schedule information
  • Medical information
  • Housing

The Hunter Office of Education Abroad is committed to preparing and supporting your student in studying abroad. We encourage parents to talk with their students throughout the study abroad process, to gain relevant information from them, and to maintain contact with their students while abroad.

For additional information on FERPA, please visit the U.S. Department of Education's webpage.

What will it cost?

Applying financial aid or scholarship money to a study abroad program requires students to be very hands on with the process and pay attention to deadlines and eligibility requirements.  That said, Hunter Education Abroad offers students support in collaboration with the Office of Prestigious Fellowships and Scholarships by identifying scholarships that best align student's academic achievements and long term goals and advise each stage of the application process.

Once a program has been decided on, students should contact the financial aid or bursar's office at the Hunter to talk through tuition costs, financial aid status at the current institution and any gaps between what the student is currently paying versus what is required to pay for the abroad program.

Generally, for financial aid to be "portable" to a study abroad program, the student must carry the minimum credit load and receive credit for the program toward his or her degree. The study abroad program must advance the student toward a degree and not merely be providing an enrichment experience. There may also be other eligibility restrictions, depending on the financial aid program. But as a general rule, many students will be able to take their Title IV funding (Pell, Stafford and PLUS) overseas with them if the study abroad program is approved for credit by Hunter.

Keep in mind, there are many scholarship opportunities for students to apply to.  Visit our Financial Aid tab for more information.

For more information and to hear from other parents see:

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