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Summer Programs

As of Fall 2022, a phased restart of study abroad programming is in progress.  Please check our homepage for updates!

Past summer programs administered and managed by Hunter are listed below.  Some are faculty-led, while others are programs that we have previously partnered with. These programs may or may not run in Summer 2023, and an updated list will be published in Winter 2023.  Other summer study abroad programs are listed at the bottom of the page in the OTHER OPPORTUNITIES box.  P{sta Rica

Hunter College joins forces with the International Center for Development Studies (ICDS) and Hospital Clinica Biblica to offer students planning to enter health professions a six-week program, which will provide them the opportunity to explore health care issues in a developing country while furthering their Spanish language skills and gaining an understanding of the life and culture of Costa Rica.

Tentative Dates: June 25 - August 9, TBA

Spanish & Community Health in Latin America

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with the International Center for Development Studies (ICDS), students will have the opportunity to participate in two additional summer programs in Costa Rica:

Spanish & Sustainability Practices in Latin America
Tentative Dates: June 4 - July 19, TBA

Spanish, Business & Sustainable Development in Latin America
Tentative Dates: June 25 - August 9, TBA


This field course provides students with a unique opportunity to gain research experience in the field by participating in a study of the vocalizations and behavior of wild dolphins. The course has two components: 1) a one-day lecture-workshop held at Hunter College in May prior to the field course, and 2) participation in a 12 day field program in June at the Bahamas field site.

Dates: TBA

Dolphin Behavior & Communication


This program will explore the diversity of theatrical offerings in London and vicinity, providing a wide-ranging rich understanding of British theater practiced today, both traditional and modern.

Tentative Dates: July 18 - August 15, TBA

Contemporary British Theatre


In collaboration with the Hunter College Department of Romance Languages, we recommend two program options for students interested in studying French language and culture: USAC's programs in Lyon and Pau.

 Dates: See USAC's website for details

French Language & Culture


The Central Mediterranean Archaeology program takes places in three locations in Sicily: Stromboli and Lipari, a volcanic island in the Aeolian Archipelago, and Cannatello, on the southern coast of Sicily.

Tentative Dates: June 7 - July 2, TBA

Sicily: Central Mediterranean Archeology


The program will explore the "Baltic chapter" of Russian literature and culture and offer students unlimited opportunities for immersive language learning.

Tentative Dates: June 28 - July 25, TBA

Russian Language & Literature


The program, organized in cooperation with the Kosciuszko Foundation and offered at the prestigious Jagiellonian University, includes intensive Polish language instructions.

Dates: TBA

 See the Kosciuszko Foundation website for general information.


The experience of living and working on the North Atlantic island of Rousay immerses students in northern maritime ecology and provides a chance to do real field science as part of an international team.

Tentative Dates: July 14 - August 12, TBA

Orkney: Gateway to the Atlantic

Spain (Canary Islands)

Considered a bridge between Africa, America and Europe, the Canary Islands is an autonomous region of Spain. This program focuses on subtitling, including insights into the situation of the current audiovisual market, work methodology for translators and technologies applied to the audiovisual area.

Tentative Dates: July 6 - July 24, TBA

Audiovisual Translation

Spain (Madrid)

Experience one of the liveliest cities in the world: Madrid! The program encompasses college-level undergraduate programs for six credits each in June or July, or one Intensive Program for twelve credits - June and July combined.

Tentative Dates:

Session 1: May 31 - June 27, TBA

Session 2 : June 30 - July 29, TBA

Spanish Language & Literature


In collaboration with the Hunter College German Department, we recommend two program options for students interested in studying German language and culture: SUNY Cortland's program in Fulda or CUNY Queens College's program in Berlin.

Dates: See SUNY Cortland (Fulda) and CUNY Queens (Berlin) websites for details

German Language & Culture


This program offers students the opportunity to study Japanese language and culture while also learning about Japan's unique traditional theatre forms. The program begins with a brief stay in Tokyo and then moves to Sado Island, a beautiful, remote island off the west coast of Japan that is home to many wonderful performance traditions.

Tentative Dates: June 1 - June 15, TBA

Theatre, Language & Culture


Learn about the breadth and diversity of Israeli dance and dance education in the context of the historical, cultural, political and social conditions of modern day Israel. This program starts in Jerusalem and then moves to Kibbutz Gaaton and Tel Aviv.

Tentative Dates: May 28 - June 20, TBA

Dancing to a Different Tune


This program offers students the unique opportunity to explore Madagascar's rich biological and cultural diversity, and learn about the major conservation challenges to preserving both people and place.

Tentative Dates: July 5 - August 1, TBA

Biodiversity, Culture & Conservation


Vienna at the turn of the century is a period of history saturated by influential minds. This course will be a study of one corner focusing on the shared philosophical inspirations of certain political and artistic movements and the development of Modernism that occupied both realms.

Tentative Dates: May 30 - July 14, TBA

Music and Modernism, Vienna 1900

Nursing Program TBA

Dates: TBA

Inquiries: Prof. Kotowski:

Japan (Meijo University)

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Meijo University, Hunter students interested in short-term study in Nagoya can participate in the Meijo Summer School. This program is open to Hunter College students ONLY.

Tentative Dates: June 22 - July 4, TBA

Meijo Summer School

England (Queen Mary University of London)

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Queen Mary University of London, Hunter students interested in short-term study in London can participate in the Queen Mary Summer School. This program is open to Hunter College students ONLY.

Dates: See QMUL website for details

Queen Mary Summer School

Netherlands (University of Amsterdam)

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with the University of Amsterdam, Hunter students interested in short-term study in Amsterdam can participate in the UvA Summer School. This program is open to Hunter College students ONLY.

Dates: See UvA website for details

UvA Summer School

Other Opportunities

Still searching for the perfect summer opportunity? Hunter College students can also study abroad through CUNY, Affiliated programs (SUNY, CIEE, CIS Abroad, IES Abroad, and USAC), or may submit an External program for approval.

Check out our guidelines for study abroad through CUNY!

Check out our guidelines for study abroad through Affiliated programs!

Check out our guidelines for study abroad through External programs!

Note that all tuition costs on program descriptions are listed above at the in state rate for matriculated CUNY students. If you pay out of state tuition and/or you plan to apply to one of our programs as a non-degree (non-CUNY) student, your tuition rate will be higher.

Additionally, program fees are calculated based on the tuition rate at Hunter College. If you attend a CUNY community college, you may be required to pay the tuition differential.

Please check Hunter's Tuition Charge Table and contact the Office of Education Abroad with any questions.

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