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Italy, Winter

Italian Renaissance

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Winter 2023

I) Summary

Location: Florence, Italy

Dates: January 3 - January 20, 2023

Credits Offered: ITAL 280 - 3 CREDITS (CUNY tuition is not included in program fee)

Application Deadline: October 15, 2022  Deadline extended to Friday, October 28, 2022

Program Fee: $1,600 (estimate) includes housing (double or triple rooms in hotel) with breakfast, cultural events and international health and travel insurance. TUITION and AIRFARE are NOT included in the program fee. All students are responsible for arriving at their study abroad location by the first day of the program; this may mean flying the day before.

Payment Schedule: $350 application fee and deposit is due before October 28, 2022.  $1,250 (program fee balance; estimate) is due November 4, 2022. Payments must be made with certified check or money order. NO CASH, PERSONAL CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS. Payments should be made at the Office of Education Abroad during office hours.

Students are responsible for meeting the payment deadline regardless of funding source, i.e. Macaulay Opportunities Fund, scholarships, loans, or any other type of financial aid. Late fees will be applied to all delayed payments.

Financial Aid: Please be sure to meet with the Financial Aid Office to discuss your particular financial aid package.

Scholarships:Gilman (application due October 6, 2022)

Students interested in applying for scholarships should email Stephen Lassonde at

II) Program Description

This course will consider the major historical, social, cultural and artistic issues regarding Italy from the late Middle-Ages to the Renaissance, with particular emphasis on literature and the arts. Visits to museums and cultural sites are mandatory, and they are necessary not only to contextualize the program covered in class, but also for a better understanding of Italy’s long and rich cultural history as a whole.


1) The Italian Renaissance Reader. Edited by Julia C. Bondanella and Mark Musa. New York: Penguin Meridian, 1987.

2) Course reader prepared by the instructor.

Grading Policy

  • Mid-term exam - Essay Questions: 40%
  • Final exam - Essay Questions: 40%
  • Active course participation (lectures and guided tours): 20%
  • Exams may incorporate a multiple-choice section worth no more than 10%.


  • Day I - INTRODUCTION. History and historiography of the Italian Renaissance
  • Day II - Petrarch and the birth of Humanism
  • Day III - Boccaccio
  • Day IV - Boccaccio. Early masters in Italian art: Giotto, Simone Martini
  • Day V - Latin and Italian Humanism. Salutati. Alberti. Art from Masaccio to Brunelleschi
  • Day VI - Valla. Pico della Mirandola. Women Humanists and their male colleagues
  • Day VII - Machiavelli
  • Day VIII- Guicciardini. MID-TERM EXAM
  • Day IX - Leonardo: writer, 'proto-scientist' and artist
  • Day X - Michelangelo, the artist and his poetry 
  • Day XI - Michelangelo, the artist and his poetry. Bembo and Castiglione: on rules and behavior. 
  • Day XII - Petrarchism and women writers: V. Colonna, V. Franco, G. Stampa, I. Di Morra
  • Day XIII- Benvenuto Cellini. Giorgio Vasari and the canonization of the Renaissance
  • Day XIV - Ariosto and the "Culture of Contradiction"
  • All applicants must fulfill the general eligibility requirements.

    III) Credits & Grades

    Students in this program will receive both credits and letter grades. Grades will count towards their Hunter GPA.

    IV) Estimated Costs of Attendance

    Tuition (3 credits, calculated at the undergraduate, in state rate)
    Program Fee (estimate) $1,600
    Not included in Program Fee (estimates):
    Airfare $800 - $1,000
    Meals $800
    Books $30
    TOTAL US (estimate)

    V) Further Inquiries and Faculty

    Faculty Instructors:
    Julie Van Peteghem and Monica Calabritto
    Dept. of Romance Languages
    Email: (Julie), (Monica)

    Administrative Inquiries:
    Education Abroad Office, Room E1447
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