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Student Eligibility

Hunter Students

Hunter College students may participate in a variety of programs offered by the Office of Education Abroad, such as our Short-term programs and our Semester-long exchanges.

In addition, Hunter College students may also attend programs offered by the following providers. Be sure to contact the specific organization directly for application information. Upon Acceptance, please be sure to stop by the office of Education Abroad in Room E1447 for further instructions.

IMPORTANT: Some programs have certain restrictions. The following students need to check with the Education Abroad office before applying:

  • Students in their FIRST semester at Hunter College
  • Students in their LAST semester at Hunter College
  • Students who want to study abroad more than 2 semesters in a row
  • Students who were not enrolled at Hunter College the previous semester

CUNY Students

Students from other CUNY colleges may participate in most short-term programs offered by the Office of Education Abroad at Hunter College. Follow the checklist:

  • If you intend to apply to a Hunter Program, let your schoole know.
  • Apply to the Hunter Study Abroad Program of your choice.
  • Complete the e-permit (CUNY First E-Permit Instructions).
  • Pay the Program Fee to the Office of Education Abroad at Hunter College.
  • Pay Tuition to the Bursar at your CUNY college.

In addition, students from other CUNY colleges may participate in short-term, semester-long, and year-long programs offered by the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) by registering through Hunter College.

Non-CUNY Students

Non-CUNY students are welcome to apply to study abroad programs through Hunter College!

  • Once accepted into our programs, Non-CUNY students will have to complete a Non-Degree Application into Hunter College for course registration.
  • Please use the Tuition Calculator to calculate your estimated tuition expenses as a Non-degree student for the amount of credits offered by your chosen program.
  • The Office of Education Abroad reserves the right to collect tuition directly from Non-CUNY students for its programs.

International Students

The only international students who come to Hunter College through the Education Abroad Office are those selected by the schools with whom we have reciprocal tuition exchanges. Upon receiving from our counterparts abroad complete files of the selected candidates, we will contact them with all the pertinent information and necessary documentation.

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