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A program of
Hunter College, CUNY
& The Franklin H. Williams Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute of New York






The Global Afro Latino and Caribbean Initiative (GALCI) was creative by non-governmental organizations from Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States of America dedicated to correcting the persisting inequities that have had devastating impact on the lives of African descendants in the Americas -- a direct result of more than four hundred years of the enslavement that brought more than 15 million Africans forcibly to the Americas.

Created in October 2000 the objectives of GALCI has been to make the lives of more than 150 million African Descendants in Latin America, Central and the Caribbean visible and part of the international dialogue, programmatic agenda of global multilateral
organizations and part of public and private policy initiatives of global governments
that are home to this vast population.

It is the objective and mission of GALCI to provide a public forum to educate, research, develop thematic programs on Afro Latino and Caribbean issues highlighting the conditions of these communities. The primary objective of GALCI is to educate and influence public policy and the direction of resources to assist these communities in building their capacity to reverse the impact of historical marginalization.

The legacy of enslavement, marginalization, racism and economic disenfranchisement has resulted in the lack of quality education, health care, adequate housing, and land ownership and have placed these communities in danger of losing their cultural heritages.

Initiatives of GALCI have sought to make the Invisible Visible insisting that the human, civil and cultural rights of our communities be respected and acknowledged.

Marta Moreno Vega, Ph. D,
GALCI Co-Director

J. Michael Turner, Ph. D,
GALCI Co-Director

Humberto Brown,
GALCI Coordinator for International Outreach Activities

Hunter College, CUNY, 695 Park Aveneue, HW1516
NY, NY 10065
galci@hunter.cuny.edu  ph:212.772.5485





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