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The Gender Equity Project has been partially funded by grants from the National Science Foundation,  the National Institutes of Health, and the Sloan Foundation.  Its mission is to promote equity and excellence in every profession, especially academia.


What has the GEP accomplished?

- Co-sponsored the symposium "How Did Clinton Lose?  How Do Women Win?"  Stream here and here.  
- Developed a suite of materials for improving institutions and improving faculty productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction.
- Measured and reported gender equity benchmarks.
- Educated faculty and administrators about how gender affects careers.
Developed and administered a survey to measure gender equity within departments.
- Developed and administered a survey to measure faculty experiences.
- Sponsored talented beginning, mid-level, and senior natural and social scientists.
- Run comprehensive workshops on how to succeed in academia for junior CUNY faculty.
- Created gender tutorials.
- Developed a successful Grant Writing Assistance Program.
- Reviewed and changed policies and procedures that could disadvantage women.
- Created brochures on grant-writing and attending conferences.

What is the GEP doing now?

- Running on-line experiments to investigate attribution of feminine and masculine traits and their relation to voting patterns.
- Analyzing CVs and letters of recommendation of academic job candidates.
- Analyzing the determinants of awards and prizes in cognitive and development psychology, and in cognitive neuroscience.
- Increasing recognition and leadership of outstanding women scientists.
- Uncovering and correcting hidden and subtle biases.
- Educating faculty and administrators about how gender affects careers.