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Offer Letter Templates

After analyzing offer letters in the eleven GEP departments from 1998 through 2004 and 2005-2006, the GEP discovered wide disparities in how much relevant information is included in any given offer. To ensure uniform and complete offer letters, the GEP created a checklist of items an offer letter should include, a sample narrative template, and a template organized by category.

The GEP worked on this project in consultation with Provost Pizer, Dean Friedlander, and Dean Henderson. Chairs now receive the checklist and both versions of the template for use in writing offer letters. We will be examining letters further to see if there are differences in letters written to men and women and if the apparent differences represent an interaction among sex, rank, and department.

Programs and Policies for Individuals, Partners, and Families

Hunter College Programs and Policies Hunter College’s programs and polices concerning child care, employee assistance, and different types of leaves of absence are briefly described here with links to the locations where fuller information is presented.


Policies at ADVANCE Schools [DOC: 68 KB]