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Recognition & Leadership

The GEP's Faculty Recognition and Leadership Program was established to recognize the strengths, accomplishments, and leadership abilities of women faculty in the sciences at Hunter and to promote the advancement of all science faculty.


Current Projects

Video Interviews

Through our partnership with students, staff and faculty in Hunter's Department of Film and Media Studies, the GEP's website now features video interviews with some of Hunter's outstanding women scientists. Click here to hear about their work and their experiences in science.

If you would like to be interviewed, or if you would like to make a suggestion about future interviews, please contact the GEP at or


Hallmarks of Success

The GEP is embarking on a new initiative - part basic research and part application - to determine the "hallmarks of success" in science disciplines. Our aim is to increase women's success and influence in science. We will review the achievements of successful scientists to create a guide for different science specialties. We expect the hallmarks to include federal grant funding, high-impact journal publications, national conference presentations, and various awards and honors. We will examine sex, age, and specialty differences, among others.

We welcome participation from faculty members in all stages of this project. We can provide some support. We envision a series of steps for each research area that includes:

  •  developing objective indicators of success
  •  obtaining CVs from successful scientists
  •  interviewing leaders about successes, failure, and turning points
  •  developing a coding scheme to arrive at a list of hallmarks
  •  producing a guide with the hallmarks and how to achieve them

If you would like to contribute to any part of the project, please contact the GEP at or 212-650-3001.