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Resources & Power


Science Faculty Surveys

Together with the Provost's Office, the GEP surveys tenured and tenure-track faculty in the natural and social sciencesduring the Fall 2007 semester. The survey is not a GEP data collection project, but a Hunter College initiative to improve conditions for research, teaching, and services within all natural and social science departments at the college.


GEP Workshop Materials

Complete list of past workshops that can be viewed by subject, date or GEP program (i.e. Sponsorship Program, Workshop Series for Junior Faculty).


Equity Materials

Short pieces about gender equity written by Dr. Virginia Valian ranging from sex disparities, advancement, income, mentoring, analyzing and suggestions to gender equality.


Professional Development Materials

Pieces on professional development including:

  • Attending conferences
  • Writing grants
  • Tenure and promotion
  • National Science Foundation's proposal review process


GEP in the media

Various interviews with Dr. Valian news stories about the Gender Equity Project


GEP Videos


GEP Sponsorship Program

  • How it works
  • Who benefits from the program
  • Research conducted by participants in the program 

Science Career Videos

Various female scientists at Hunter College talk about careers in the sciences.


Gender Tutorials

Provides tutorials and resources about gender schemas and science careers



  • Grant Writing Tips
  • Attending Conferences


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ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Awards

Links to other programs that received the award

Interesting Gender Links

Reports on the status of women

Includes reports of the status of female scientists at several institutions


Articles relating to women in science careers


Books relating to women in science careers


Speeches given by Dr. Valian regarding gender schemas