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Workshop Series for Junior Faculty


As part of an NSF grant to Hunter College and CUNY, the Gender Equity Project offered each semester a series of 3 day-long workshops that developed male and female junior faculty who were engaged in basic science and engineering at participating CUNY schools. Participants were enthusiastic about the content, organization, and style of the workshops.

The Workshop Series for Junior Faculty was offered in three sessions spread over a semester.

During the 3 days of each workshop series, the GEP addressed approximately 10 - 12 topics that covered the techniques, skills, strategies, and knowledge necessary for professional success. Each day started at 10:00 am and ran until 5:00 pm. There were short breaks throughout the day, including a break for a networking lunch (provided by the GEP). Topics included: developing a circle of advisors (instead of a mentor); time management; creating a CV; teaching efficiently and effectively; balancing research, teaching, and service; speaking at conferences, tenure and promotion; negotiation and entitlement; publishing and handling rejection; grant writing; maximizing gains during the summer. The workshops also addressed how gender and ethnicity affect faculty and discussed how to develop individual, institutional, and discipline-level solutions to the underrepresentation of women and minority-status scholars.

The workshop series for junior faculty was attended by progressively more faculty as the series continued; evaluations were uniformly positive across the three years of funding, with some exceptions (balancing work and personal lives consistently had problems despite being constantly reconceptualized). One year after participation in the workshops, participants had more grants funded, produced more publications, attended more conferences, and gave more (though very few) keynote addresses. Increases continued after participation in the workshops. Faculty from all 11 senior CUNY colleges participated; faculty included natural and social scientists and engineers. This was a very successful program.


For more information on the structure and organization of the workshops click here.