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Equity Materials


Virginia Valian has written several short pieces about gender equity. The pieces are frequently updated, so check back often. Please feel free to use these copyrighted materials with proper attribution.

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For all
For administrators
For faculty
For students


For all:


Addressing Gender Equity

    © Virginia Valian 2006, 2008  (PDF,28 KB, updated February 2008)

Sex Disparities in Advancement and Income

    Recent data showing that there has been progress in equity but that the progress is largely confined to entry level salaries and ranks. © Virginia Valian 2002, 2005  (PDF, 252 KB, updated March 2005)

Individual Action for Gender Equity

    Ways to help your colleagues and yourself. © Virginia Valian 2003, 2004, 2012    (PDF, 46 KB, updated March 2012)


For a bibliography, refer to references at the end of relevant chapters in Stewart, A. J. & Valian, V.  (2018).  An inclusive academy:  Achieving diversity and excellence.  Cambridge, MA:  MIT Press.  See more here.

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For administrators:


Benefits of Ensuring Gender Equity

    Although gender equity requires a commitment of resources, there are benefits to an institution for establishing and maintaining equity. © Virginia Valian 2003, 2009, 2014, 2019 (PDF, 85 KB, updated January 2020)

Gender Equity Activities: A Roadmap

    © Virginia Valian 2010 , 2015, 2019 (PDF, 167 KB, updated January 2020)

Addressing Gender Equity

    © Virginia Valian 2006, 2008  (PDF,28 KB, updated February 2008)

What to Do Right Now

    © Virginia Valian 2007  (PDF,60 KB)

Recruitment Guidelines

    © Virginia Valian 2010, 2011, 2015, 2019 (PDF, 209 KB, updated January 2020)​​

Accountability: Principles & actions for deans, provosts, & presidents

    © Virginia Valian 2009  (PDF,64 KB)

Accountability: Principles and actions for chairs and unit heads

    © Virginia Valian 2009  (PDF,78 KB)

Analyzing & Correcting Visible Gender Equity Problems

    A list of problems that are relatively easy to detect along with possible solutions to them. © Virginia Valian 2002, 2003  (PDF, 161 KB, updated October 2003)

Analyzing & Correcting Hidden Gender Equity Problems

    A list of problems that are hard to detect along with possible solutions to them. © Virginia Valian 2002  (PDF, 16 KB, updated July 2014)

Chairs and Faculty Development

    © Virginia Valian 2007  (PDF, 88 KB)

Guide to Creation of Departmental Equity Survey

    © Virginia Valian 2006, 2007  (PDF,16 KB, updated January 2007)

Equity Survey

    © Virginia Valian 2006, 2007  (PDF,112 KB; updated January 2007)

Preparing Figures to Represent Gender Equity Benchmark Data

        © Gender Equity Project 2006  (PDF, 249 KB, updated February 2006)

     Sample Benchmark Spreadsheet  [XLS, 249 KB]
     Sample Time in Rank SPSS file  [SAV, 4 KB]

Examples of Bubble and Flux Charts

    © Virginia Valian 2007  (PDF,132 KB)

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For faculty:


Developing a Circle of Advisors

    © Virginia Valian 2015 (PDF, 119 KB, updated June 2015)​

Effectiveness and Power

    © Virginia Valian 2010, 2015 (PDF, 213 KB, updated April 2015)​


    © Virginia Valian 2011 (PDF, 152 KB, updated September 2011)

Tips for Effective Negotiating

    © Virginia Valian & Nikisha Williams 2010 (PDF, 28 KB)

References on Mentoring

    Compiled by Virginia Valian, April 2004  (DOC, 24 KB)

References on Mentoring Students

    Compiled by Virginia Valian, August 2009  (PDF, 40 KB)

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For students:


Strategies for Success

   © Virginia Valian 2014, 2019 (PDF, 381 KB, updated January 2020)

Getting What You Need

    © Virginia Valian 2014 (PDF, 159 KB)

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