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GEP in the Media


National Public Radio - Talk of the Nation, March 30, 2005

Looking for Female Opinion, In Print and Online
America's editorial pages remain a mostly male domain. Men also rule the talk shows and clog the blogoshpere on the Web. In our increasingly opinionated culture, where are the women? We discuss women and the market for opinions.


Raise Your Hand If You're A Woman in Science . . .

Washington Post article - © Virginia Valian 2005  (PDF, 93 KB, updated 1-Feb-2005)


Outlook: Women in Science

Online discussion about the scientific data concerning men and women in the sciences - © Virginia Valian 2005  (PDF, 129 KB, updated 1-Feb-2005)


Gray Matter and Sexes: A Gray Area Scientifically

Appeared in the NY Times on 24 Jan 05.  (PDF, 124 KB)


National Public Radio - The Diane Rehm Show "Women in Science and Math"

Link to the Diane Rehm Show archives for 27 January 2005. Panel discussion with Susan Ganter, Executive director, AWIS; Kimberlee Shauman, Sociology, University of California, Davis; Virginia Valian, Psychology and Linguistics, Hunter College (updated 1-Feb-2005)


Letter to the Editor

Letter submitted to the New York Times  (PDF, 63 KB, updated 1-Feb-2005)