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Video Interviews


Women faculty at Hunter College share their responses to questions about a career in the sciences. There are two sequences featuring different faculty sharing their insights and responses.

Sequence One
Margaret Chin (Sociology)
Laurel Eckhardt (Biology)
Susan Epstein (Computer Science)
Dixie Goss (Chemistry)
Marianna Pavlovskaya (Geography)

Sequence Two
Jill Bargonetti (Biology)
Dana Draghicescu (Mathematics)
Susan Epstein (Computer Science)
Dixie Goss (Chemistry)
Vanya Quinones-Jenab (Psychology)

How did you become interested in science?

Did you have any misconceptions about science before you got into it?

What research project are you excited?

What do you find most satisfying about having an academic career?

How do you incorporate students into your research?

Has being a woman shaped your research?

How do you balance your work and personal life?

How can institutions do a better job of advancing women’s scientific careers? In your career, what has helped you most?

For senior women: How would you say things have changed in science/academia over the course of your career? What things have stayed the same?