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Gender Tutorial 3
01: Introduction
02: Both sexes are affected by the reactions of those around them
03: Expectation effects: an example
04: The target may be unaware of expectations
05: Targets and other observers tend to behave in line with expectations
06: The tendency to behave in accord with expectations strengthens those expectations
07: Targets can resist expectations, especially if they have a meaningful goal
08: Resisting expectations, one might modify one's behavior without being aware of it
09: Experimental data: expectation effects
10: Gender schemas influence expectations
11: Experimental data: stereotype threat
12: Expectations influence performance on challenging tasks
13: Gender and entitlement
14: Are women just nicer than men are?
15: Men appeared to think they were worth more than women
16: Men set a higher cash value on their labor than women set on theirs
17: The tennis example: prize money
18: Billie Jean King scores for women athletes
19: Should the prizes be equal?
20: Gender schemas lead to expectations of different achievements
21: For men, the challenge is to see a full professional life as desirable and obtainable
22: For women, the challenge is to see a full professional life as something that can co-exist with a full personal life
23: Gender schemas limit and distort our views of other people and they limit and distort our views of ourselves
24: References
25: References