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EdD in Instructional Leadership

The EdD in Instructional Leadership is CUNY's first Doctor of Education degree that prepares experienced educators to become effective practitioner leaders able to translate current research into practice. The program prepares teacher leaders, department chairs, administrators and other education professionals to transform K-12 education, driving better educational outcomes across larger systems. The program sets students up for success by providing clinically-focused doctoral training and a deep grounding in the best research on educational practice. Students will develop the ability to digest, synthesize, and apply new research quickly to improve educational outcomes for students, and the skills to understand and communicate their insights effectively as leaders.


Our students belong to a vibrant and diverse academic community that goes on to serve schools and agencies throughout New York City.

Application Deadlines

*Deadlines may be extended. Contact the admission office to ensure applications are closed. The deadline below is only for EdD.

February 15

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Program Highlights

  • Designed to meet the needs of working educators with a part-time cohort model and practice-focused curriculum over five years
  • Focused on interpreting and translating current research into clinical practice
  • Leverages the strength and expertise of faculty with a wide range of research and practitioner areas who are engaged with current scholarship and practice
  • Provides opportunities to expand both the breadth of knowledge across the field and depth of knowledge in a particular area of interest
  • Institutionally committed to serving the needs of public education with an urban focus

Course of Study

  • 15 credits for the Instructional Leadership Core (ILC)
  • 12 credits for the Research Toolkit, which will serve as the critical and analytic foundation for all students
  • 12 credits of Research on Effective Practice and Curriculum (REPAC)
  • 12 credits of Special Topics courses that will deepen their knowledge of the field, standards of research practice, and the status of current work in the field
  • Finally, the dissertation sequence of 9 credits will introduce, support, and ultimately supervise a student’s production of original research in the field


Hunter College uses the Apply Yourself application system. Please go here for information on how to apply.

1- Applications are due February 15. (*Deadlines may be extended. Contact the admission office to ensure applications are closed.)

2- Application Form and Application Fee of $125.

3- Official Transcripts. Official transcripts from each college or university attended sent to Hunter College Graduate Admissions Office. (Transcripts from foreign universities should be in English or be accompanied by a certified English translation.) Evidence of a master’s degree in the field of education or related to your work in education from a nationally accredited college or university is required. For further information on submitting transcripts, please read information from Graduate Admissions here.

4- Letters of Recommendation. A minimum of two letters of recommendation is required. Letters of recommendation are weighted strongly by the admissions committee. To present a complete picture of yourself, at least one letter should attest to your academic potential to succeed in a doctoral program and at least one letter should attest to your professional experiences and address your potential as an instructional leader. It is advised that applicants ask potential recommenders to write letters of recommendation well before the deadline of the application.

5- Essay. The Instructional Leadership EdD requires high standards and outputs of academic writing. Toward this end, the admissions committee will be focusing on your writing skills, ability to clearly respond to the writing prompt, and your personal engagement with the writing topic. Your essay should be approximately 1,000 words in length and respond to the following three-question prompt: What has personally inspired you to pursue and EdD? Describe a specific area of professional interest you want to research in your EdD program. How does the EdD program fit into your professional goals? Please upload your essay into the online application system in the section labeled “Statement of Purpose."

6- Exams. Applicants are required to take and submit scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). For further information on how to submit scores, please read information about the GRE here.

Prospective students whose native language is not English and who have completed all or part of their post-secondary education in a country where English is not the native language need to take the TOEFL. For more information on the TOEFL requirement and submitting scores, please read information about TOEFL here.

7- Resume. Submit a professional resume highlighting the positions you have held, including your current position. Be sure to include any teaching or administrative certifications that you hold on the resume.

8- Grade Point Average. A 3.5 grade point average in a master’s program is required.

9- Interview. Qualified applicants with completed applications may be invited to interview with members of the School of Education faculty. An on-demand writing activity may be required as part of the interview process.

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