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What is the Hunter College ETS code for GRE?

Our code is 2301.

Is there a minimum GRE/GMAT score needed to be eligible to apply?

Hunter College does not have a minimum GRE/GMAT score requirement. Please contact the graduate advisor of the program to which you are applying, to find out what would be acceptable GRE/GMAT scores.

Under what circumstance will Hunter College waive the GRE/GMAT requirement? 

Hunter College does not waive the GRE/GMAT under any circumstances.

Can I substitute any other test for the GRE/GMAT?

You cannot substitute any other test for the GRE/GMAT. The GRE/GMAT are mandatory for all those programs which require it.

When should I take the GRE/GMAT?

All tests should be taken at least 6 weeks before the application deadline to ensure timely receipt by the admissions office.

For how long are GRE/GMAT scores valid?

GRE/GMAT scores are valid for five years from the date taken. If you have taken GRE earlier and ETS will no longer report your scores, you do not have to re-take the test as long as you can provide us with a record of your scores. We will consider your application if you provide us with a copy of your student score report.

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