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Supporting Application Materials

May I send supporting documents before submitting an application?

No, most supporting materials such as statement of purpose, transcripts and letters of recommendations must be uploaded to your online application.

May my supporting documents, such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, GRE or TOEFL scores, etc., arrive after the application deadline date?

In rare cases materials may be received after the deadline date for the specific program.  However, receiving materials after the application deadline will significantly jeopardize the processing of your application.

Can transcripts be sent directly to the general Graduate Admissions Office / Ennrollment Management Office at the Silberman School of Social Work - or should I collect and forward them?

For initial submissions of your application you must scan and upload transcripts; Only if you are offered admission, you must request official transcripts to be sent to the general Graduate Admissions Office (or the Enrollment Management Office ath Silberman School of Social Work for applicants to that school) in their original sealed Institutional envelopes.

Can I get any of my supporting application materials back or send them to another institution?

No, ALL documents (college transcripts, letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, etc.) are collected for the sole purpose of determining eligibility of admission to a graduate program at Hunter College. They become property of the College and cannot be released to you, or a third party under any circumstances.

How long should my statement of purpose be?

Please refer to the Statement of purpose section under Application Requirement, for further detailed information.

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