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Graduate Degree (Matriculated) Students

If you have not yet acknowledged your acceptance at Hunter College, please log back into your online application using your Username and Password and click on the "Your application decision is now available online" link. The link will lead you to the generic official notification and Hunter College Graduate Degree Enrollment Form (*located towards the bottom of the message, in purple font) where you can let us know whether you will be attending.

Please Note:


Graduate Non-Degree (Non-Matriculated) Students

If you were offered or applied for non-degree/non-matriculated admission, the Graduate Admissions Office will send you a notification informing you of your approval for admission roughly two weeks prior to the start of registration. *Please note, since the email notification is sent from the online application system, it may go directly to the spam/junk mail instead of the inbox.

If you are approved for non-degree/non-matriculated status, you may register for courses provided that you receive permission for a particular class from the graduate advisor/coordinator of the relevant Academic Department.

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 10AM - 5PM

Friday 10AM - 3PM

Telephone (212) 396-6049


*Our office is currently assisting students and prospective applicants at the Welcome Center, Rm 100 North Building (located on the first floor-main Hunter College campus)

Please follow the Hunter College website for additional college closings

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