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Summer Institute for Gifted Certification - Summer 2020

Applications for the Summer Intensive program of studies in Gifted Education will begin to be accepted December, 2019. Applications are due by March 15, 2020. NO GRE score is needed!! The dates of the GT summer Institute will be July 6-August 13, 2020. PLEASE NOTE: Classes will be completely online for summer 2020 with synchronous & asynchronous learning. SPED 753 and 755 will be held during the weeks of July 6-July 24. SPED 754 and SPED 756 will be held during the weeks July 27-August 13.

Graduate students may earn an Advanced Certificate in Gifted Education in our six-week summer intensive program. The 50 hours of fieldwork required by New York State are fulfilled outside of regular class hours. Graduate students who have been accepted by the Hunter College Gifted Education program may take one to four courses during our two three-week summer sessions, for a total of six weeks. Since the summer students have been accepted with a fall application, they may opt to take no courses in the summer and instead begin their coursework in the fall.
Students must take the Gifted Education Content Specialty Test (CST) to get their extension from New York State. We advise students NOT to take the CST until they have completed all four summer courses.


Gifted Education Advanced Certificate Program - Good for ALL teachers!

Boys WalkingThe Gifted and Talented Advanced Certificate Program is good for all teachers, not just gifted education teachers. Many of our graduate students are teachers in heterogeneous classrooms in New York City and Long Island. They come to our program because they have students who are culturally diverse, socio-economically disadvantaged and English Language Learners who show signs of giftedness in one domain or in many. They want to be able to recognize and understand giftedness in these children so that they can better serve them. In our program, teachers will learn how to differentiate curriculum and instruction and use alternative assessments to measure students' progress.

The coursework for the Advanced Certificate in Gifted Education is a great way to earn towards your Masters 30+ credits.


All courses for the Summer Institute will be taught at either Hunter's main campus (E. 68th & Lexington) OR at the Hunter College Campus Schools (E. 94th & Park). For Summer 2020-all classes will occur online.

Most fieldwork will be conducted at the same location through the collaboration with the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP). However, for new students who must take SPED 753, "Understanding and Identifying Gifted Learners," in the first 3 weeks of the 6-week session (because it is a pre-requisite for all the other classes), please contact Dr. Elissa Brown,, if you know of a student or students whom you could observe outside of the Hunter SEP.  For returning Gifted Education program graduate students, please contact Dr. Brown at the email address above, if you know of a student with whom you could work for SPED 755, "Assessment and Differentiation of Instruction."

Please contact Dr. Brown;,  if you have any difficulty registering for classes. You will be allowed to register after you are formally accepted to the program. 

You MUST be matriculated in our Advanced Certificate program FOR THE FALL SEMESTER to take any courses in the Summer Institute.








Application & Deadline

The deadline for the Summer Intensive is the same as the deadline to begin courses in the fall; March 15th. NO GRE score is required! Proof of NYS teaching certification had to be included in the online application. Hard copies of official transcripts from all the undergraduate and graduate institutions applicants attended (regardless of a degree) have to be mailed or hand delivered to the Grad Admissions Office, Room 223 North, Hunter College. Please arrange for this official transcripts to be mailed as one of your first steps in the application process because they often take a long time to get to Hunter. Instructions for recommendations can be found on the graduate application.  NO application materials should be sent to the Program Coordinator, Dr. Brown.

****As a graduate student, you are required to read the Graduate Admissions website so that you are aware of any other related issues.****


Payment and Registration - If you have already been accepted

Please go to the Registrar's website to find the registration and payment information for the summer. The information is currently available. 

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