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Summer 2019 Undergraduate Courses

Please note: Course offerings subject to change.

HIST 12200: 19th and 20th Century Europe (W)
Instructor: Woltering
History of modern Europe between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, covering Western, Eastern Europe, and Russia. The focus of this course is upon political history but topics related to economy, culture and the arts are included as well. We start with the French Revolution of 1789 and complete the course with the collapse of communism and the Soviet Union in 1991. We will analyze how the concept of Europe changed over time; how colonies turned into nation states, and how these nations transformed during the modern era; why, how, and when some states adopted totalitarian models; and how colonialism and totalitarianism came to an end in Europe after WWII. Themes include: the French Revolution and Revolutionary Wars, romanticism, liberalism, socialism and Marxism, 1848, empire and nation states, European imperialism, WWI, interwar radicalism, Nazism, fascism, and Stalinism, WWII, the Holocaust, cold war, European Union, the collapse of communism, and the creation of a new Europe. Lectures will be supplemented by weekly readings from the textbook and primary sources. Students will learn to work with primary sources and incorporate them into historical analysis.
Fulfills Pluralism and Diversity requirement (Group D). Writing intensive course (W)

HIST 15100: United States from the Colonial Era to the Civil War (W)
Instructor: Gelfand
This course will cover U.S. History broadly from the early period of European settlement to the conclusion of the Civil War. The course will include at least one focused study of a particular topic or event from this period.
Writing Intensive Course (W)

HIST 15200: United States from the Civil War to the Present (W)
Instructors: Asher; Woltering
This course surveys some of the major developments in United States history from 1865 to the 1970s. Among the subjects covered are the struggles for justice of African Americans and women; the expanding scope and power of the federal government; and the increasing engagement of the United States with the world.
Writing intensive course (W)

HIST 25020: Native Americans and the U.S. to 1900
Instructor: Gelfand
This course examines American Indian history in what is now the United States from pre-Columbian times through the end of the nineteenth century. Topics include cultural diversity in North America prior to European colonization; the dynamics of early Indian-European encounters; accommodation and resistance to Euro-American expansion in the eighteenth century; forced Indian Removal by the United States; and nineteenth-century struggles for the Great Plains and American West. Native American agency, cultural persistence and change, survival strategies, and perseverance of tribal identities are key themes of the course.

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