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College Graphics Designer, Exam #2065

Priority: Informational

Hello to all,

The filing for College Graphics Designer Open Competitive, Exam No. 2065 is open. Attached please find the Notice of Exam, Exam Application, Attestation Form

The filing fee is $68.00. The exam is open competitive. Applications are NOT to be accepted at any college HR department.

The completed Examination Application must be received by CUNY or postmarked by 11:59 pm EST on January 14, 2022 by one (1) of the·following methods:

By e-mail: Attach the PDF fillable form (not a printout) to:
Subject of email: College Graphics Designer, Exam #2065
When submitting your Examination Application by email, please submit a saved
PDF copy of the fill-in Examination Application form. Please do not submit a “print
to pdf” file or a “scan of a print copy” of your completed Examination Application.
Additionally, attach a copy of your receipt for paying the filing fee.


By FAX: Send to: (646) 664-3836
Subject on FAX cover page: ATTN: College Graphics Designer, Exam #2065


By mail: Address to: The City University of New York
ATTN: College Graphics Designer, Exam #2065
395 Hudson Street,
New York, NY 10014

The NOE’s, Exam Application, Attestation Form ara available on the CUNY website (link is below).


 If you have any questions regarding this exam, please email



Tina Tang

Civil Service Support

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