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News from 2017 Excavations at the Rousay Fieldschool in Orkney, Scotland

The sea is battering the Swandro site, on Rousay daily, over the winter and the lower (seaward) parts of the site sustain considerable damage. This can be seen in the stones forming the lower course of the chambered cairn. Here these stones appear to have been smoothed and the material retained by them sucked out by the force of the sea. Despite this the archaeology further up the sea cut terraces have survived more intact allow there has still been some signs of physical damage. The battle is on for the University of Bradford and Hunter College CUNY to examine this unique archaeological resource before it is destroyed.

  • Posted by naros
  • Published: Aug 09, 2017

A Successful Spring 2017 Mini-Bash

  • Posted by naros
  • Published: Mar 09, 2017
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