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The IDEATE Tips below are meant to facilitate submissions and avoid glitches with your application(s).

Priority: Informational

** IDEATE access- Ensure that you are using Firefox, as this is the required browser to avoid glitches and/or error messages. Use your CUNY Portal credentials to log-in. **

Attaching CITI certificate(s) - Ideate’ list of documents does not include 'CITI Certificate' as a document type, as such please use the first option, 'Imported from IRBNet'.

Adding CUNY personnel- Remember that all CUNY research personnel must first log into IDEATE in order for their profile to activate. Not doing so will cause delays when trying to add personnel to applications. Remember that all invitations must be 'Accepted' in order to submit successfully.

Adding 'External Sites' and 'Funding Sources'- The default list does not include all the added sites/sources. As such, please use the 'Search' feature to locate your site/funding source. If it cannot be found, please email us ( to request addition(s). Note, this is done by CUNY central, and as such can take up to 48 hours to be reflected in IDEATE.

Characters (@, #, $, %,^,_,*) - These characters should not be used in the application or in the title of attachments. This will cause issues with attaching documents and/or error messages at time of submission.

Communications Tab- Here is where you can access your approval/determination letters. This is located in the ‘LiveList’ view.

Cutting and Pasting- Should only be done from a word pad document (plain text) and NOT from a word document. Word pad can be found under "Accessories" in your list of computer programs. The IDEATE programmers have identified that using word documents to copy and paste causes glitches and/or blank forms due to hidden characters and/or symbols.

Editing Applications- Be sure that you are making edits and/or adding attachments from the task in the ‘To-do-List’, rather than from the ‘LiveList’. The ‘LiveList’ accepts changes but they will not save into your application that is 'In development'.

Enrollment Number Errors- If you are submitting a Continuing Review or Final Report and notice that the enrollment numbers are incorrect or have changed based on previous submissions- please contact the HRPP Office as there must be an administrative update completed before submission.

Exempt Protocols (submitted prior to IDEATE) - These projects were not migrated into IDEATE unless requested during the migration (Nov. 2014-Jul. 2015). If the project is getting ready to expire and you are continuing with the research, you will need to submit a new application into IDEATE.

Faculty advisor- Students have the option to re-assign their applications to their faculty advisor for review of their projects prior to submission. Remember, only one person can make edits to the application at any given time. Also, advisors must accept the invitation; not doing so will prevent a successful submission.

Personnel Access- If a PI wishes to change the access level of existing research personnel, this can be done from the ‘LiveList’ via Personnel Tab. (Only the PI has this capability) Note, an Amendment Request is not required for change in access levels.

Printing- The application can now be printed with the updated revisions by the PI.

Status of Submission- From the project's ‘LiveList’, you can see if it has been submitted successfully, or whether another team member still has it in their To-do-List by clicking into the "Lifecycle". If the 'Status' says, "In development"- it is still with you. Note, IDEATE does not update this when it has been sent for an IRB review. It will say that is still with our office.

‘To-do-List’ Notifications/Communications- The notifications and/or communications received via your 'To-do-List' can be deleted to avoid a cluttered list. To do so, please click into them and select the 'Delete' option, rather than 'Close' to permanently remove them. Doing so will not affect your project(s).

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