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Filer FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Filer service

What is the Filer service?

Filer service allows users access to departmental shares, in a manner consistent with the Novell Netware file sharing service that is being phased out.

How do I request access to Filer?

See Requesting a Share or Requesting access to an existing file share within Filer.

What is the difference between "staffer," "power user," and "user?"

A "staffer" can manage workgroups within Workgroup Organizer, as described at Managing Memberships (Staffer only).  The designation of staffer conveys no privileges regarding Filer.  However, a staffer may also be a user or a power user.

By default, a "power user" within a workgroup has full permissions on files and folders within that workgroup's Filer share. 

By default, a "user" within a workgroup has limited permissions on files and folders within Filer shares.  

What is Workgroup Organizer?

See Workgroup Organizer.

Why do I have to register with NetID Central?

All NetID holders must register with NetID Central in order to gain access to the Filer shares, and other services. See Using NetID Central.

How do I request access to an existing Filer share?

You must speak to a designated staffer of that share and follow the procedures outlined in the Workgroup Organizer documentation.

I have been added to the workgroup for a Filer share, but I am getting "access denied" when attempting to access the Filer share.

See Register with NetID Central, before attempting to access Filer.

Also, you may have forgotten to include the prefix HUNTER\ in the username field.   See Accessing a Filer share within Windows.

How do I find out what Filer shares I can access?

After you login to Workgroup Organizer, you will be able to view all workgroups that you are a member of. Each workgroup has a Filer share associated with it.  These are the Filer shares you can access.  This is described at My Dashboard.

How can I find out who else can access a particular Filer share?

After you login to Workgroup Organizer, click on the workgroup associated with the Filer share you are interested in.  Then to view members, click on the "View members" link. This is described at Viewing Memberships.

How much space do I have within a Filer share?

Each Filer share has 10GB of space for storing files. There are no individual quotas imposed on group members; whether there are 5 or 50 members within a particular group, the sum of the space used by all users cannot exceed 10 GB.

Can I browse/search for other shares?

There is no facility in Filer or Workgroup Organizer to look for or "subscribe" to groups in which you are not already a member. Acceptance to a workgroup must be initiated outside Workgroup Organizer and Filer (e.g. by in-person contact, phone or email) and membership status managed those in the workgroup having the "staffer" role.

What happens if I delete my shortcut from desktop?

You will not be able to gain access to the share if the shortcut is deleted, and the shortcut will have to be recreated. See Using Workgroup Organizer to find the address of a Filer share for more information.

Can I access Filer shares on a Macintosh computer?

Yes, but you will not be able to manipulate file or folder permissions from Macintosh clients. 

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