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Outlook Exchange Help Documents & Videos

If you need help with your Outlook Exchange email, please review the help documents below or sign up for an Outlook Exchange workshop with the Technology Resource Center.

Getting Started: setting up outlook exchange on your office and personal devices

Work & Personal Setup: Outlook Exchange on your on-campus & off-campus computer. View PDF Guide
Outlook Web App (OWA): Outlook Exchange web version. Access your email anywhere there is an internet connection.
View PDF Guide
Import Contacts: Import your contacts into Outlook Exchange from an Excel file, a CSV file, or an exported contacts list from the old email system. View PDF Guide
Mobile Setup: Android View PDF Guide
Mobile Setup: Blackberry View PDF Guide
Mobile Setup: Windows View PDF Guide
Mobile Setup: iOS Device View PDF Guide

Organize: Make Outlook Exchange a more versatile and efficient tool

Rules and Alerts: Manage your incoming emails by setting up rules and alerts based on specific criteria.
View PDF Guide
Reply with Quick Steps: If you often reply to emails with the same boilerplate text, save time by creating an automatic reply with quick steps.
View PDF Guide
Outlook Web App (OWA) - Creating Folders in OWA: You can organize your messages by topic by using folders. Follow these steps to create a new folder.

View PDF Guide

collaborate: using outlook exchange with your colleagues

Share Your Calendar: Share you calendar and delegate privelages to your colleagues, allowing them simply to view or to make edits. View PDF Guide
Sharing Calendar with Older Version of Oulook: Learn how to share your Outlook 2010 calendar with a collegue who still has Outlook 2007. View PDF Guide
Contact Group: If there are groups of people that you often include on the same email message, save time by creating a contact group within your personal contacts. View PDF Guide
Distribution Groups - Add and Remove a Member: Distribution Groups are email lists that are publicly hosted on Outlook Exchange. While only designated individuals
may create a Distribution Group, anybody using Outlook Exchange can send an email to a Distribution Group.
View PDF Guide

Advanced Functions: Taking Outlook Exchange to the next level

Archiving: Archiving your emails is a key tool in preventing your email inbox from filling up over time. You can archive by folders, dates (all emails prior to 2012, for example),
and other parameters.
View PDF Guide



Log in to Outlook Web App (OWA): How to log in to the web version of OUtlook known as Outlook Web App, or OWA for short. View video
How to add a signature in OWA: This video shows how to create and add your own custom e-mail signature. View video
How to create an inbox rule on OWA: Learn to create your own mail rules and have better control over your e-mail. View video


For even more information to help you make the most out of Outlook Exchange, we recommend you visit the Outlook Exchange Knowledge Base.

Click this link to learn more about Outlook Exchange email.

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