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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for Student Accounts

Priority: Informational


What is Multi-factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) gives you assurance that users are who they say they are. It requires them to prove their identity by providing at least two pieces of evidence that must each come from a different category: something they know (password), something they are (fingerprint) or something they have (mobile device).


MFA Screenshot


Key Benefits

  • Reduction in incidents of compromised accounts
  • Reduction in malicious threats (i.e. ransomware, impersonation attempts)
  • Better security of systems and data
  • Improve email reputation (reduced phishing and spam)
  • Comprehensive Identity Management



Hunter will enable MFA for students on a rolling basis. Users will be notified in advance via email. Please use the schedule guide table below to determine when MFA will be turned on for your account.

If your last name in CUNYfirst begins with....

A  to  B May 19, 2021
C  to  E May 26, 2021
F  to  H June 2, 2021
I  to  L June 9, 2021
M  to  O June 16, 2021
P  to  R
June 23, 2021
S  to  U June 30, 2021
V  to  Z July 7, 2021


Help Guides

There are multiple ways to setup MFA for your account. Please refer to the guides below:

*Don't have a mobile phone? Please refer to MFA FAQ below!


*PLEASE NOTE: To change your O365 @Myhunter Password, the process remains the same.
If you need help on changing your password, instructions can be found by clicking here.

MFA Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will I need to use MFA each time I login to access O365 email?
    A: Yes, to protect you and college data, MFA will be required when you access your O365 email.

  • Q: I don't have a mobile device/phone, how can I setup MFA?
    A: Although the Microsoft Authenticator app is usually the most convenient option, if you don’t have a smartphone, a cell phone with SMS text capability is the next most convenient option. Another option is to receive a voice call to one or more designated telephone numbers.

  • Q: Does multi-factor authentication apply to desktop versions of Microsoft Office applications?
    A: Once MFA is enabled, you will only be prompted for second authentication while using Office 365 via web login. You will not be prompted for when using Office applications installed on a desktop unless it is the Office 365 Suite.

  • Q: Can I turn off multi-factor authentication?
    A: Once MFA is enabled, you cannot disable. All students will be required to use MFA.

  • Q: What if I lose my device that I configured MFA?
    A: Please refer to changing your MFA verification. If you are still having issues please contact helpdesk.

  • Q: Have more questions?
    A: Click here to visit the CUNY Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) FAQ page.


For additional assistance, please contact the Student Help Desk:

Phone: (212) 650-3624
Location: Hunter North 303


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