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JNS 43:2, Autumn 2012

Letter from the Editor



"Nietzsche's Readings on Spinoza (Kuno Fischer), and His Notions of Historicity. A Contextualist Study," Andreas Urs Sommer

"Nietzsche's Naturalism," Richard Schacht

"The 'Sovereign Individual' and the 'Ascetic Ideal': On a Perennial Misreading of the Second Essay of Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality," Matthew Rukgaber

"On Nietzsche’s Judgment of Style and Hume’s Quixotic Taste: On the Science of Aesthetics and 'Playing' the Satyr," Babette Babich

"Apollonian Scientia Sexualis and Dionysian Ars Erotica?: On the Relation Between Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality and Friedrich Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy," Philipp Haueis


Proceedings from meetings of the North American Nietzsche Society

Editor's notice

"Nietzsche versus the Genetic Fallacy," Bryan Finken

"Williams, Nietzsche, and Pessimism," Mark P. Jenkins

"The Centrality and Development of ‘Anschauung’ in Nietzsche’s Epistemology," Anthony K. Jensen

"Daybreak 72: Nietzsche, Epicurus, and the After Death," Morgan Rempel



Report from the Editor, English translation of the KSA, Alan Schrift



Second Reply to Professor Anderson, Julian Young

On Young, Again, Mark Anderson

"Biography and Scholarship: A Reply to Professor Young," Daniel Blue



Paul Bishop, The Dionysian Self: C. G. Jung’s Reception of Friedrich Nietzsche. Reviewed by Adrian Del Caro

Douglas Burnham and Martin Jesinghausen. Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy: A
Reader’s Guide
. Reviewed by Willow Verkerk

Paul Franco, Nietzsche’s Enlightenment: The Free Spirit Trilogy of the Middle Period. Reviewed by Keith Ansell Pearson